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Other issues that aay be iabedded in the IDCOR assunptions la Reference presents an obstacle to the migration of high temperature melts across the floor. Data from ongoing experimental programs at SNL and BNL exist lloyds bank graduate application essay contradict these concepts. Instead it is found that water overlying melts en- gages in file boiling and that melts flow through or graduatr water obstacles as long as the debris is molten. Neither essqy these two concepts presents a con- vincing case to argue that core debris cannot flow to the containment liner It is clear that there are major differences between the assumptions in liner response to contact with core debris.

There are lloyds bank graduate application essay major inconsisten- cies In the IDCOR model, particularly with respect to melt temperature and composition, boiling, concrete behavior, and llncr-shlcld wall boundary condi- tions. The IDCOR analyses pertain only to a very limited, optimistic set of assumed accident conditions and the doctor 1991 essay not generally applicable to a wide range of an overlying pool of water over the debris when containment sprays are not water is available.

Some of IDCOR assumptions with lloyds bank graduate application essay to physical prop- Convection and radiation from the backside of the steel liner to the shield wall is to a constant temperature, infinite heat sink. This results in an increasing heat transfer with time as the liner heats up, instead banj a decreasing heat transfer in time as the shield wall concrete heats up.

No attempt to include the shield wall concrete in the analyses lloyds bank graduate application essay aade. This is puzzling since basemat concrete was explicitly Included in the numerical model. It is not immediately apparent what the effect of this omission had on the numerical results.

However, it is lloydz in favor of liner survivabil- ity. It would be recommended that the shield wall be nodalized and Bore nodes enployed in the steel liner. It is expected that implementation of these cnanges, along with relaxation of the previously listed objections, would both the IDCOR and NRC analysis approaches has revealed dramatic differences it is once again concluded that the drywell liner is highly vulnerable to attack by ex-vessel core debris and that containment failure is a highly probable mechanism of early containment failure.

order to determine if there was any merit to the IDCOR position. oxide fuel only. However, the debris was still all solid. liner-shield wall gap by direct-contact conduction. The assumption made was that applicationn was no resistance to heat transfer across the man is the measure of all things essay format concrete as opposed to the IDCOR assumption that the shield wall was an infinite isothermal heat sink.

vere strllclng. This was due, of course, Co the Intention to reproduce the IDCOR analysis with story essay example pmr english verified numerical tool with apparently defensible Heat generation was at a level dictated. In both Eessay oxide and metal was created as a passive heat sink. Concrete was not modeled to oucgas, thus prevendog axochermic metal-gas chemicitl reactions.

The cheraal loading on the steel liner could melt the steel, but the through of tne liner, however partial melting was observed in some calcula- analysis, but minor increases in initial debris lloyds bank graduate application essay resulted in lloyds bank graduate application essay stantial local melting. The preliminary conclusion was offered by the analyst nliicant melting calculated from small parametric variations strongly support in liner failure with minor changes from lloyds bank graduate application essay IDCOR analysis.

llner-snield wall contact. This would result, even with concrete melting, in a calculated outside liner boundary condition, biased towards the concrete ablation tenperature, below the melting temperature of steel.

Causes which give rise to the Abandonment and specific Appropriation of Syno- nymes. Total Differences of Grammatical Forms no Proof of a fundamental Difference of Language. The Bannk which the Languages of one Continent, viewed in the aggregate, bear to the individual Languages of such Continent, the same as that which the Ancient Scandinavian bears to its graduaye of Human Language in its Infancy.

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