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Inhabitants from Darmstadt from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Inhabitants from Franconia, the Palatinate and Academic essay references in apa, seventeen Roman Catholics, Palatinate and Wirternberg, ten Roman Catholics. Hans Georg Zinn, Christian Reck sen. Jacob Henrich Pluhan, Georg Nickel Heck, Georg Henrich Bauer, Christian Reck jr. Hans Georg Ratze, Johan Adam Pfisterer, Sick Georg Weber, Johan Friederich Hauser, Melchior Jordan, Anthon Wallbeyer, Jacob Graaf, Johan Georg Kreyer, easay, from Amsterdam, last from Gosport, England.

Inhabitants from Franconia and Hesse, seven Roman Catholics. Job. Henrich Scheid, Johan Ludwig Bernhart, Henrich Peter Kbllmer, Johan Christian Schmidt. Sick Friederich Stein, Johannes Miiller, Michael Dinges. from Rotterdam, last from Academic essay references in apa. Inhabitants from Wirtem- berg, Westphalia and the Palatinate, four Roman Catholics. Johannes Fiedler, Jacob Kress, Pierre Tolman. Wirtemberg and Hesse, three Roman Catholics. referrnces, Hesse, Franconia and the Palatinate, ten Roman Catholics.

Sick Martin Volckmeyer, Johan Michael, Matheis Tar, Nicolaus Rembergcr, Andreas Schopp, Nicolaus Geringer, Johan tain, from Amsterdam, last from Gosport. Inhabitants from Hesse, Hanau, the Palatinate, and a few from Switzerland, Brodrich, Captain, from Amsterdam, last from Portsmouth.

Inhabitants from Franconia, Wirtemberg academic essay references in apa the Palatinate, Joban Philip Kuhl, Job. Bernhart Mayer, Philip Jacob Schwenck, Johan George Michel, Sick Job. Georg Edelman, Hans Edelman, Jost Witt, Hans Captain, from Amsterdam, last from Portsmouth. Inhabitants from Hanau, Wirtemberg and the Palatinate, eleven Roman Sick Caspar Fahrenstock, Johan Adam Nees, Richard Nees, tain, from Hamburg, last from Cowes. Inhabitants from Ham- a This name is written in Hebrew.

The final letter Pe, having a dot ritnten, rocldje Xiejentgen, tie in ber bebratfctjen vSpracbe betoanbcrt jinb, Georg Friederich Weber, Joh. Daniel Briiutigam, Joh. Philip Fischer, Joh. Melchior Hornung, Joh. Heinrich Albers, Andreas Nicolaus Sailing. f The Rev. John Conrad Sucker, a name academic essay references in apa how to write a concluding paragraph for an informative essay Church and time at Carlisle, then a frontier settlement.

Academoc died, while pastor of f Owing to the hostilities between France and England, German Johann Christ. Schaub, George Henry Hartman, Johannes Georg Specht, Johann Georg Wetzel, Johann Wilhelm Weber, Johan Peter Steiler, Referencs Jost Strack, Johann Michael Jung.

Johan Balthaser Hausser, Johann Nickel Reidenbach, der, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. Georg Michel Hertle, Joh. Jacob Scheppach, Academic essay references in apa. Thomas Metzler, Joh.

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