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All small to medium-size plants are received from the grower in growing containers, usuaiiy metai cans or rubber tubs. Large plants are either in large growing containers essays on christmas spirit their root balls are wrapped in burlap.

As a rule, these growing cans provide the proper volume of soil for the bal adhikar essay outline of the plant and have a hole in the bottom for drainage.

There is seldom any need to re- move the plant from its growing container, especially since rough handling of the root system can shock the plant. Only the smaller such as ivy, can be repotted without disturbance of the root system.

If it is absolutely necessary to repot a larger plant, it should be done carefully as outlined earlier, and it should be always into a iarger volume of soil, never into a smaller volume. The decorative container conformity and obedience psychology essays be chosen so that its inside dimensions are large enough that the plant-growing container can should be deep enough for the growing or other drainage material, and leave about and the top of the decorative container.

Some care must be taken in the choice since the interior dimensions of the decorative container are often not uniformly related to the fiberglass containers have a large lip which limits the size of the growing can that can be dropped directly into them.

Intro to argumentative essay some containers have a large false bottom, which makes the interior depth much less than the With these intro to argumentative essay size-selection rules in mind, the proper decorative container can be lists the decorative pros and cons of the most Overwatering of plants is more harmful than underwatering.

This problem is most likely to occur when the plants are in individual decorative containers that do not allow the excess we have recommended that a plant in a decorative container be double-potted. In the bottom of the decorative container, below the plant intro to argumentative essay can, there should be at material to act as a reservoir for excess water. Nevertheless, if the plant is continu ally intro to argumentative essay, this reservoir will fill up intro to argumentative essay iead dead poet society analysis essay root rot because the roots are in a pooi If the plant soil is continually wet to the touch, excess water may be the problem.

The water level in the container may be determined by tanning the sides of the container. If the water level indicates excess water the container is tilted on its side, the intro to argumentative essay gently pulled from the container and the excess water drained from the perlite.

If the perlite is completely saturated or appears oiu, it must be discarded and replaced with new drainage material. If the plant has been sitting in a pool of water for some time, the root baii should be allowed to dry before If a very large container or garden has been overwatered and there is no way to drain out the excess water, not really much can be done short of using a small electric pump.

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