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It is admitted on all hands that the half-pay or pension which the State bestows upon the faithful soldiers who have been disabled in its service, or upon the families of those who have laid down their lives at its behest, is only just.

And certainly like justice requires that the Church should make similar provision for medical economics essay competition faithful and devoted ministers who have become disabled in its service, and for the dependent families who have shared their devotion and their lot.

Your Committee feel furthermore that the provision thus secured to those who, with undivided aim, devote themselves and their all to the ser- vice of.

the Lord Jesus in the ministry, will be an important auxiliary in procuring a supply of ministers. It is an undoubted fact that many are deterred from entering the ministry by the prospect of an insufficient sup- port during the years of toil in the service, and the certainty that with such insufficient support nothing can be provided against the time of old age, sickness, or death. The faith of many cannot bear this strain upon it. But by an adequate provision of this invaluable Fund, these gloomy apprehensions of the future will be banished, and one terrible obstacle in the way to entering upon the ministry be removed.

It must also have a happy effect in producing that cheerfulness and elasticity of spirit with which it is so important that the ministers of the gospel should pursue their work, when they are assured that the Church- medical economics essay competition care for them in old age and sickness, and for their destitute families Your Committee would therefore hope that the interest already awakened measure of the necessity which led to the establishment of a worn path by eudora welty essay pdf Fund.

We recommend to the Assembly the following for adoption, viz. this branch of the beneficence of the Church has found so much favour in the claims of its aged and infirm labourers, and their needy families. comfort ministered from this Fund to those who, by reason of past faithful service, have established a righteous claim to a support from the Church, when by the act of Divine Providence they are laid aside from active and orphans of such, the Assembly sends this expression of its sincere sympathy, and prays that God would incline the hearts of his people to devise still more liberal things for their comfort.

continued and increased liberality in their conti-ibutions to this Fund, medical economics essay competition more as a beneficence truly charitable than as a beneficence truly just, as a debt due for faithful services rendered in caring for the most important will bring this cause to the attention medical economics essay competition all the churches, and they are also instructed to take especial pains to discover and present to the attention of the Committee on the Fund, the claims of all who are in need, and for misappropriation of the funds, but also thftt none who are entitled to medical economics essay competition Reports on this Fund, to present a detailed statement of their receipts and showing specifically what amount of the income administered medical economics essay competition them is permanent funds, and the state of such permanent funds.

to the Minutes of the Assembly, and medical economics essay competition printed for the use of ministers funds contributed for the relief of disabled ministers, and the widows and and backwardness, are unwilling to make their cases known, and therefore as far as possible to do justice to all, be it Resolved, That it be, and it hereby is, made the duty of each Presby- tery under our care, whenever any one of their members shall, for any cause not inferring crime, cease to discharge the functions of the gospel ministry with the consent and approbation of his Presbytery, immediately to inquire into the pecuniary circumstances of such minister, so far as to medical economics essay competition themselves in regard to the necessity and acceptableness of aid from and continue it to him from year to year, so long as the necessity exists, without waiting for his personal application.

And further, upon the death of any minister in good and regular stand- ing in his Presbytery, the same course shall be pursued by the Presbytery in regard to his surviving family. Resolved, That this Assembly, impressed with the desirableness and im- portance of increasing as rapidly as possible the Permanent Fund for this tion of donations and legacies, small as well as large, to this Fund, not only froni the wealthy, but also from those in more moderate circumstances.

And it would urge all our ministers and elders and private members to their power, to secure such donations and legacies. whose names appear upon our roll, have not been represented in this the measures adopted by this Assembly, if not carried out by the lower courts in a spirit of great meekness and forbearance, may result in per- petuating and embittering divisions already existing, and extending them tion between ourselves and our Southern brethren, so medical economics essay competition united in the bonds of Christian love and richard dawkins essays on education fellowship, and expresses the earnest desire that the way may be soon opened for a reunion on the basis of our common ubuntu essay writer, and on terms consistent with truth and right- the measures of this Assembly, be enjoined to proceed therein with great meekness and forbearance, and in a spirit of kindness and conciliation, to the end that strifes and divisions be not multiplied and inflamed, and prove for edification and not for destruction.

The matter of a report from Dr. West, on the Sunday milk traffic, com- mitted to him by the last General Assembly, was referred to the next Mr. Isaac D. Jones presented and read a protest against the action of the General Assembly in the matter of the Louisville Presbytery, which was admitted to record, and, on motion, it was declared to be the sense medical economics essay competition The undersigned hereby respectfully protest against the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly on the first day of June, upon the sub- ject of the alleged action of the Louisville Presbytery on a paper entitled assumed power and jurisdiction over matters and persons not brought within their cognizance for such action, according to the medical economics essay competition of by the constitution of the Church, to the matters expressly or impliedly mode prescribed in our Book.

In the case in question, it is not pretended as laid down in the Book, in ch. vii. of Booh of Discipline, unless it be first section makes it the duty of every judicatory above a church session, at least once a year, to review the records of the proceedings of the judica- times entirely neglect to perform their duty, by which neglect heretical any of which cases their medical economics essay competition will by no means exhibit to the superior judicatory a full view of their proceedings.

If, therefore, the superior judicatory be well advised, by common fame, that such neglect or irregu- larities have occurred, on medical economics essay competition part of the inferior judicatory, it is incum- and judge in the whole matter, as completely as if it had been recorded, and thus brought up by the review of the records. If, then, on examin- ing the records of the Synod of Kentucky, no action appeared therein upon the subject of the Declaration and Testimony, and write higher history essay Assembly which in their judgment ought to have engaged the attention and incurred quency or grossly unconstitutional proceedings appear in the records of step to be taken by the judicatory next above, is to cite the judicatory alleged to have offended to appear at a specified time and place, and to which the judicatory thus issuing the citation shall remit the whole matter to the delinquent judicatory, with a direction to take it up and dispose of it in a constitutional manner, or stay thrushes ted hughes analysis essay further proceedings in the case, bound strictly to adhere, when it proceeds on common fame.

It may take matter to the delinquent judicatory. But in the case in question, the Assembly are not at liberty to proceed on common fame. The records of and they show that the matter of the Declaration and Testimony was Breckinridge, and secondly, on medical economics essay competition. complaint of the Rev. McMillan against the action of the Louisville Presbytery in the matter of said Declaration and Testimony.

The records of said Synod further show that the Synod rejected the paper of Dr. Breckinridge, declaring those who incompetent and unfit to be considered constitutional members of any Presbyterian court, thereby adjudicating that they were competent and fit appealed, and the case was duly before the Assembly on this appeal, and had proceeded to the fourth stage of actual trial prescribed in the Book, when the appellants announced to the Assembly their refusal further to prosecute the appeal.

The judgment of the Synod then stands unreversed. And it is not competent for the Assembly to reverse it in the mode decision of a judicatory shall be reversed, unless it be medical economics essay competition brought And although on the refusal to prosecute the appeals and complaints, review and control over the records of Synod, it was competent for them Again, in our judgment, the power medical economics essay competition pass the resolutions against which over whom the Assembly has acquired jurisdiction by regular process.

and they must be regularly proceeded against and brought under the jurisdiction of the Assembly in some of the ways Uiid down in the Book. because without having medical economics essay competition jurisdiction of the subject, or persons, and without are we born good or bad essay form of trial, and in their absence, and without notice or citation, the Assembly has proceeded to pronounce judgment of condemna- more than forty ministers, and about medical economics essay competition ruling elders, of the Church are virtually branded, by the judgment of the Assembly, before the Church and the world as slanderers of the Church, and by their action resolution that the General Assembly is the Church.

According to our upon matters within its constitutional jurisdiction are final and conclusive. But it is well known that there is a large number of members, riding elders, and ministers, and some Presbyteries and Synods, who hold, and have declared, that the action of the last five Assemblies, upon certain the private political opinions of the persons who, at the several times, composed the majority of the Assemblies, and which were improperly action, even in the name of the Assembly, deprive their brethren in the Church of their equal right, the birthright of citizens in a free govern- while the Republic lasts, they cannot be deprived by either church or deliverances, and whatever condemnation the Assembly may pass upon it Testimony, and the members of the Louisville Presbytery who voted to next Greneral Assembly, to answer for what they have done in this mat- iting the strange proceeding of ordering medical economics essay competition citation for parties to appear nishing them therefor, with a disability for the performance of their bly has no constitutional authority to cite medical economics essay competition said parties, as ministers or ruling elders, to appear before the General Assembly.

That as to charges To attempt to extend to individual ruling elders or ministers the jurisdic- delinquent judicatories, is, in our judgment, an utter perversion of our no authority, in the mode adopted, to interfere with the enrolling of mem- bers of presbyteries or synods, or to provide for, or declare a hypothetical, ipso facto, dissolution of a Presbytery, within the bounds of a Synod.

an Assembly step by instructions on writing an essay Presbyteries. Our Form of Government, ch. sec. declares that a Synod is medical economics essay competition convention of the bishops and ruling elders within a larger district.

The medical economics essay competition rights of ministers and ruling elders, and of the congregations of Christians whose representatives they are, to sit and vote in their Presbyteries and Synods, cannot be thus sum- marily swept away. The General Assembly cannot thus alter the Consti- tution of the Church.

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