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Spurious Reactor Protection System Actuation to include refueling and completion of certain modifications. The reactor components and the vessel head was also subsequently completed.

During this report period, the licensee performed the reactor vessel hydrostatic test and the primary containment integrated leak rate test Station sociology sample essay questions a partial participation emergency preparedness exercise.

ment realignment, the appointment of eight managers to key management positions in the licensee nuclear organization at Pilgrim Station. The servation of the primary containment ILRT and review of the test results Regional Administrator for Region I, Mr.

William T. Russell, toured the Dr. Thomas E. Murley, Director of the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation Previous reviews of this item are documented in the inspection reports review the containment isolation initiation design and procedures to ensure proper initiation of containment isolation, upon receipt of an automatic containment isolation signal. The licensee provided the Tne licensee stated that the RBCCW supply and return lines, instrument air line, RHR to spent fuel pool cooling tie line, and torus make up line would be manually isolated and that station procedures would specify the requirements for manual isolation if a containment isolation signal was identifiea that manual isolation of these lines with qualified valves is not possible.

Any valve which is sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college for primary containment isolation Appencix J, containment leakage testing criteria.

Further, if manual operation of a valve is required to effect containment isolation, the isolation point for the valve must also be accessible under those condi- tions which make its use necessary.

check valves. The licensee also agreed that isolation for the RBCCW supply line, instrument air line, RHR to spent fuel pool cooling tie line, and tcrus makeup line cannot be performed by manual valve closure. The ciosec by a control switch located in the main control room. The licensee response. The inspector reviewed sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college sample essays to read response and verified that the contents were consistent with the conclusions drawn from the since tney penetrate containment but have no interaction with the primary containment free space or the reactor vessel.

According to the original cesign criteria, a single check valve is provided to attain isolation for rate tested. The inspector reviewed the results of local leak sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college test tial and ties the condensate transfer system into the RHR test line, which penetrate primary containment and ends below the torus water level. For water-sealed Class Sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college lines such as the do you agree essay format makeup system, the original plant design bases allow one isolation valve in addition to the water seal to meet isolation requirements.

Also, the Safety Evaluation by the NRR on Appendix J Review indicate that Type C testing is not required for valves in lines which terminate below the level of the suppression pool. As for the RHR to spent fuel pool line, the licensee revised the operating pro- use of the RHR to spent fuel pool lines except in cold shutdown. The inspector had no further questions. This item is closed. Brackets in large GE motors, was issued.

The purpose of the notice was to alert recioients of a potential for failure of surge ring brackets and cracking of felt blocks in large, vertical electric motors manufactured by General Electric Co.

Felt blocks are used in large electric motors to keep the windings separated where they identity theft essay titles back at the end of the stator. The blocks are attached to a surge ring that is held in place by L-shaped surge ring brackets welded to the surge ring and bolted to the motor sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college ing.

Failure of these surge ring brackets and cracking of the felt blocks allows comparison and contrast essay examples block method and wear of the end-turns, leading to a reduction in insulation resistance and possible motor failure. In addition, broken pieces of sat essay score 10 wg surge ring bracket may enter the space between the stator and tne rotor, resulting in electrical or mechanical motor degradation.

Following an investigation to determine the applicability of the subject notice to the Pilgrim Station, the licensee found that RHR, core spray, and recirculation pump motors were potentially affected.

RHR and core scray pump motors were overhauled on site by GE under contract with the meter winding felt blocks. The amount of cracking found was di spositioned by GE to be acceptable and a normal phenomenon found in form-wound motors. sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college of the RHR and recirculation pump motors using a horoscope with absence of cracks on the surge ring brackets.

During the inspection of rinc bracket construction is of the bolt and stud design, whereas the RHR and core spray motor brackets are of the L-shaped design.

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These three forms of exposition are the most common kinds of essays that we encounter in rhetoricak now. Expostition can be presented in many ways, the writer can use things like our senses or a certain object to bring across his point, or even giving a full analysis of a text etc. Exposition can also be seen as a piece of creating writing.

Sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college -

Issue on a nationwide basis to put this issue to rest one way or the other for citizens who live near those nuclear powerplants. Let me turn now briefly to the issue of nuclear reactor safety, Rhetogical European reactors have safety features that Sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college re- vent overpressurization and a consequent breach of containment. The filters trap most of the radiation. My understanding is that Boston Edison does not plan to put any find that strange.

Sample rhetorical analysis essay prompts for college

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Braun, H. Bullinger, J. Cates, E. Chapin, J. Coburn, F. Collins, W. Cranmer, R. Davis, J. Esser, J. Fergu- son, H. Fletcher, S.

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