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It would be interesting to study the earliest American financial books and ledgers in order to establish that through the Dutch Sulcx dat Debiteurs,met gereet gelt en vvaren,hier meet bedragen dan Crediteurs voor vveerde des of het bovefchreven vaft gaetjfo dient Ick vcrgaer al de reften der poften van de felve fyn paityen van vvinfl en.

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where he obtained his knowledge of bookkeeping. He was a teacher in the Dutch and English languages, and in bookkeeping. Part of his treatise called The Merchants Mirrour was written in Amsterdam beThe preface to his book indicates his familiarity with the then existing books on bookkeeping, as he names quite a number. Most of the authors of these books he discredits, but he seems to think highly of Simon Stevin, whom he copied in a number of instances. a great scholar, whereas Dafforne evidently was but a shallow teacher, for while he quotes freely from Stevin on the most important points, yet he omits to bring home the force of the question as Stevin does.

English language, we have lost the very essence and foundation of the theory of bookkeeping. Any one reading Stevin first and then Dafforne, will have safo poemas analysis essay trouble in arriving at this conclusion. It is like the reading of a letter from an experienced old man, followed by the treatment of the same subject page, the introduction, about half of the text, and a few pages of the journal and ledger, together with the We are omitting part of the text, because it is simply a repetition of previously mentioned methods, applied to numerous mercantile transactions.

All of the text in which he attempts to give some theory or explanations, we have reproduced. It will at once be seen that Dafforne was great at explaining HOW a thing should be done, but incapable of expressing clearly why a thing should be done.

He has attempted this in one or two places, and failed signally. We are reproducing so much of his book, because, as explained before, we believe that in Pacioli, Manzoni, Ympyn, Stevin, and Dafforne we safo poemas analysis essay the gradual steps of the transfer of bookkeeping knowledge, within a little over one hundred years, from the Italian through the Dutch into the English unless, indeed, the Dutch transferred their knowledge to journal and ledger of references to the Deity, although the text is full of them.

Dafforne even quotes in He explains that a merchant safo poemas analysis essay Amsterdam uses a cash book and a bank book, because his ledger and Wliat Pacioli calls the memorandum book he calls a waste book, because he says everything is transferred from it into the journal, and when this is done it is useless to preserve it.

In Holland they do not preserve it. The inventory and the trial balance are not written in this waste book, safo poemas analysis essay they contain information of a private nature.

Safo poemas analysis essay

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