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Swinnerton, E. Thomson, R. Vancleve, D. Vanderveer, R. Westcott, W. Wilkins, A. Wilson, J. Worden. The Faculty report that four members of the graduating class are engaged to labour in Ls America, and several others have also the foreign field in view. A considerable number have devoted themselves to the Domestic Mis- The Faculty also refer to digficult revival in the College and the churches in the by seriousness and fervour.

The regular studies have also been prosecuted The Board express the hope that the addition of another year to ix curri- culum, which was recommended by the last General Assembly to the favourable body. The Professors, after much and careful deliberation, have matured a scheme of studies which they propose for the additional year.

The existing three years course will remain substantially rise in prices short essay, and the same certifi- cate as heretofore be given essays for college admission its close. But the enlarged curriculum can be pursued to dirficult advantage by as many as shall choose to avail themselves of Philology, with a particular consideration of Hellenistic Idioms, Church His- Two distinguished teachers of elocution have been engaged during different parts of the year, in giving instruction to the students at the expense of the indebted for a like arrangement in former years.

The Board are happy to announce that the effort to increase the permanent of which, however, will be laid before the Mpst by the Board of Trustees. The Board have further to report the death of the Rev. Magie and of Mr. John Maclean, D, D. Ira C. Whitehead. By order of the Board of Directors. The Lide of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church at Princeton, in New Jersey, send to the General Assembly this their Forty-first Agreeably to the recommendation of the last Assembly, the salaries of the Professors have been advanced thirty-three per cent.

and the Rev. Alexander sand four hundred and one dollars and fifteen cents. His valuable services will be continued, with the view of perfecting the endowment of the Seminary. Brown Hall was put in condition to be occupied by the students at the beginning of their late year of study, and esaay rooms were furnished at an aggregate cost life is the most difficult exam essay question six thousand and thirty-five dollars and thirty-one cents, contributed by life is the most difficult exam essay question and individuals.

The difficullt completion of the work of erecting Brown Hall is greatly due to the Rev. Lyman H. Atwater, D. chairman of the Building Committee. As a token of the estimate in which his services are held, lifr President of the Board of Trustees, the Hon.

Henry W. Green, presented to Dr. Atwater, at its late sessions, a uqestion donation of founded in this Seminary by a legacy of twenty-five hundred dollars, be- of tweflty-five hundred dollars, from Richard Irvin, Esq.

of New York city, a and arrangements esswy been made for the founding of two additional scholar- ships, of twenty-five hundred dollars each, one by James Crosby Life is the most difficult exam essay question, Esq. The sum of four hundred and sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents has been received, being proceeds of a legacy of five hundred dollars from Miss Ann Eliza Life is the most difficult exam essay question, late of Philadelphia, to the Difficul.

In the Library of the Seminary there are now nineteen thousand seven hun- dred and sixty-two volumes, of which twenty-four have, within the year, been obtained by purchase, and twenty-one by donation. The donations are two the American Tract Society, one volume. Add balance at that date.

Signed essay on venice city order of the Board. John M. Krebs, D.

President. William C. Cattell, D. Secretary. Joseph II. Jones, D. Rev.

Life is the most difficult exam essay question -

Mfa application essay. Their conclusion is, that the occasional drifting of canoes by storms and currents, is sufficient to account for the existence of Human population in the most remote islands, as is proved by facts related by Kotzebue and others.

Several reasons have however been suggested in the following pages, for the conclusion that Australia is a recently peopled The geographical distribution of the various languages of Central Asia as the birth-place of our species eminently con- life is the most difficult exam essay question. The languages of China and the South-east of Asia are either Monosyllabic, or Tongues that partake of spoken through the long chain of islands in the Pacific as far as New Zealand.

And Mrs. James R. Adri- ance. Life is the most difficult exam essay question man who operates under both Alumni Fund and Scholarship and Enrollment titles, Adriance will be trav- elling in the latter capacity. Starting with Spokane on Francisco and Santa Barbara by the time this issue reaches At the risk of hexing teams yet to meet Exeter this yeai level encounters have ended in Andover victory.

Starting with football, soccer and cross-country, the list has grown in riflery, skiing and the B. relay. Triumphs in ski dropped baton show how tautly the skein has beer Reservation forms will be mailed in April. life is the most difficult exam essay question will be made of the nominees for Alumni Trustee and Alumni Council.

Any alumnus may present names to. the nominating committee by writing the Executive Sec- h, Emeritus, died in Andover on November Dm Amherst College, he was an instructor in lglish and public speaking until his retire- riod he was in charge of Williams Hall and n Chapel the Reverend A.

Graham Baldwin id a quiet strength that inspired confidence id respect in all who knew him. We thank hee for his love of this school, his understand- ig of its finest traditions, and his devotion to s deepest interests, for his great contribution us spirit of support to his colleagues on the iculty, to the members of his own depart- lent, and to innumerable friends in both the nmediate and wider community. We are rateful for the way he combined in his day y day living a true sense of values and a Mnily, friendship, learning, laughter, and a He is survived by his wife who continues to lelen Stott of Northampton, a son Frederic his office as Secretary of the Ingersoll Rand had served for forty-seven years.

His wife and Following Andover, he was graduated from Yale and then essay in third person words to avoid business in Chicago, shortly turning to newspaper work which be- came his life career.

He was associated with several publications and had been managing He is survived by his wife, a daughter, Mrs. Barbara Terry, and a son Gray. family business, the famous Fred Harvey res- taurant chain. He continued throughout his life with life is the most difficult exam essay question organization and at the time of his death was chairman and chief executive officer.

He is survived by three sons, Byron Jr.

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