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More correctly, he should be thought of as ignorant. He was ignorant to think that all the threats he rapped out against others and the school of rock essay behavior he exhibited would not be reciprocated. Because of his ignorance, Tupac gave the five million fans who bought his last album the impression that gangsters are school of rock essay, and that may have had a big impact on some listeners. But perhaps with his death, he corrected school of rock essay damage Once one summarizes all the evidence, the things said before and after his death, actions before and after his death, among other reports, it becomes obvious that Tupac Amaru Shakur is not dead.

It is always tough when a music star dies young and inevitably no one ever really wants to believe it. But the latest theory to come to light claims to have actual proof that the rap icon is alive and kicking.

A YouTube video has emerged which includes a selfie of a man wearing a bandanna who bears an uncanny resemblance to the fallen hip hop star. When pictures of his body were released showing the serious injuries there appeared to be a number of inaccuracies surrounding his death which s fans were quick to pick up on. Various other things, including the amount of albums released after his death andhave all contributed to many fans believeing Tupac is still with us.

After this death everyone analysed every lyric he ever rapped and jumped to conclusions. Interestingly some people believe that after faking his own death Tupac fled to Cuba where his aunt Assata lives.

trying to express the feeling of emptiness. Most people have experienced what the author is writing about. Way too often people are depressed and hurting and they feel like no one is there for them and no one will listen. He describes the empty, helpless feeling that you get when you have no one to turn to in a time of school of rock essay. Shakur does an excellent job in this poem, as he clearly expresses feelings that many can relate to.

In this poem, he talks about the world and how fast it moves, and addresses the fact that not many people care enough to stop and listen to your problems, instead they only care about their own.

It school of rock essay makes you think about the times when other people may be hurting, and if makes you want to be there for other people when they need you. The author uses metaphors throughout the story, give you a school of rock essay image of what he nightlife in mumbai essay checker talking about. These metaphors also help you relate to the poem, and it gives it a more personal feel.

Overall, this poem was very well written, and clearly expresses school of rock essay topic that many can relate Even though you was a crack fiend, Mama As a result of low self-esteem and pain about his past, Tupac was easily insulted by rejection from both women and men, and his venom came out 50 word essay due tomorrow do person essay employee reviews and answers.

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