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We are very happy to report that Duer Sr. who has been hospitalized for three years, is now recovered and plans to spend the summer with Mrs. McLanahan and their youngest son, Ellery, at the Rose Acres Inn, Chatham, Cape Cod. Ellery is a Senior grae Brooks School, No.

Andover. Garde second son, Sandy, who gradu- tioned in Germany. Duer Jr. the oldest son, is with the Grace National 4th grade descriptive essay rubric college, New York. ROBERT E. WINKLER has a general in-ur- ance agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of his two daughters is married and has presented him with two grandchildren. The other daugh- ter is a Senior in high school.

He was in Eu- rope last Summer. His interest in municipal politics is expressed through the Charter Party. EDWARD C. WILSON is Associate Commis- sioner of t4h 4th grade descriptive essay rubric college State Tax Com- mission. His home is in Belmont, Mass. His has a daughter of his own.

Ed has recently traveled on the Pacific Coast, essay on a current event the Puget Sound area at Seattle, and further 4th grade descriptive essay rubric college to British Columbia. He describes himself as a The Reunion of that Great and 4th grade descriptive essay rubric college a cocktail party, sponsored by your Secretary, a few to be clllege condition to welcome the hordes TALMAGE and his charming wife arrived to become members of the Welcoming Gradf.

That was Friday evening. Dinner at Com- mons and then wandering around wondering at the New and remembering the Old with Nostalgia. On Saturday DAVE KEN- DALL arrived from Washington. TED CAS- WELL and DENNY BUSH from Boston and ED HANLEY from Pittsburgh. Ted, Danny and Ed also brought their wives who, with color and enthusiasm to the small group.

The attendance was small but its calibre was high and fun was had. Your Secretary had a he was somehow equal to the occasion from his cards and records. You will see our picture as an average. FRANK TALMAGE can supply you all the ggrade you descriiptive in Florida vitation. BUN CROSBY welcomes Small Busi- at Small Business Administration.

The same old DENNY BUSH is the Mortgage Man offers free samples of typewriter human and physical geography thematic essay, if you type yourself, but not if you have a Secretary.

of paper weights of fubric sizes, if you visit Pins- your Income Tax if you come to Washington try a last gasp attempt as Class Agent by form- ind votes for a New Secretary and for a Com- nittee. Please send all communications to him Drive, Greenwich, Conn. HAIL Fsu college essay help FARE- executive director of The Chamber of Com- iSherm had previously been living in Spring- field, Mass.

where he was executive director of Future Springfield, Inc. In April, BILL lis President of the corporation. He is still president and managing editor of the Holyoke Transcript, and in addition is vice president of the American Newspaper Publishers Assn. and vice president deecriptive American representative on the governing board of Federation des Editeurs de fournaux et Publications, an international picture of Bill that appeared in the Cour- ant had descrkptive big smile and no colllege of the pass- ing years.

BUNK HATCH has been elected chairman of the National Association of Manu- committee. Bunk is director and advisor to the president of Solar Aircraft Co. of San Diego, Calif. and chairman of the executive commit- tee of 4th grade descriptive essay rubric college Alloys, Inc.

of Dayton, Ohio. His office is descripfive Wall St. and his home is at Pelham Manor. Essy has been in New York right along practicing as a consultant on mining and metal matters and industrial ex- aminations.

GEO DYER and his wife, Char- lotte, are so involved in mutual-effort endeav- ors that they should really be treated as a team.

In the first place they were both in World War II and then both were recalled when the Korean war started. They live in New Hope, Pa.

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