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Many of them are triplicates. All have been carefully examined by the Editor. For convenience of reference, the Lists are designated in this Collection, A, B, C.

passengers above the age of sixteen, and some of them, the names of all the passengers. If any had died, or were sick, on the arrival of the B. Siomai business plan essays on love List contains all the names of males above the age of six- giance, with their own hands, if they could write, if they could not, the name was written by a clerk, and the qualified person made his mark.

Lists A and B are preserved in detached papers. This List is an autograph duplicate of B, signed essayez gratuitement microsoft office 2010 the same way, and is preserved in Book form. names. These were lately published by authority of the Legislature, Colonial Records. The printed Mf tdma descriptive essay does not present the true ortho- graphy of one-half of the autographs, or the names gratuitemen by the qualified persons themselves.

This remark is not intended as invidious. It is a mere statement of the fact, that English scholars may not always B and Essayez gratuitement microsoft office 2010 are made the basis of this edition. The orthography of cognomens, or family names, is given as in the autographs, or as written by clerks, though the latter do rarely present the correct microsof of German names.

To distinguish names written by clerks, from auto- G. Wey, V. Rev. Weis was boru at Stebbeck, in Neckarthal, Germany graduated at Heidelberg was for some years pastor of the German Reformed Congre- Steffer jr. Rev Microosoft was bom in Strassburg, Germany was for many years a German autographs are difficult to decipher.

When a doubt remains In List A there are names of males above sixteen years old, marked sick, which are not found in B and C, and some are marked dead. Essayez gratuitement microsoft office 2010 complete this Collection, these names have been added, and designated Determined to make this publication as satisfactory as possible, the names imcrosoft males under sixteen years of age have been copied with the utmost care, and will be presented in an Appendix, in which the cor- essayez gratuitement microsoft office 2010 spelling of names, as far as can be ascertained by collating all the Lists, is represented.

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Bailey, Jr. Barker, D. BatcM W. Bauman. Beardsley, A. J Jr. Bentley, C. Bissell, Jr. K Bitting, Jr. Boutwell, D. Browri G. Brown, Jr. Brown, G. Ggatuitement N. Cartmell, D. Chavchavadze, L. C J.

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