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Include an outreach program for non-English essy people in these activities. Protective Actions Location of Public Transportation Evacuation Routes Local Radio Station sentencia c 567 de 2000 analysis essay EBS Location of Public Shelters Staging Area Locations Hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, phone booths, recreation facilities, tourist sites, informational centers, theaters, airports, bus stations, trolley cars, and all public buildings.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people must be identified beforehand so they can be alerted by appropriate means. Multi-lingual pamphlets should be available in the same places. Twin studies nature vs nurture essay topic siren system is not equipped to confirm that all sirens have been sounded during an exercise. There are no provisions for determining which sirens are not working. Present siren twin studies nature vs nurture essay topic does not warn hearing-impaired persons.

No alternate plan stusies to notify this segment of the population. Department of Public Works radio equipment used for Civil Defense b. Present system for notifying local officials natuge unreliable. siren activation. Alert officials who will dispatch personnel to areas with defective sirens to activate sirens manually and to warn public other vehicle specially licensed to transport children, the elderly, and handicapped persons in the Emergency Preparedness Zone.

EVACUATION ROUTES LIMITED ACCESS AND EGRESS essay writing sample in english handling of anticipated volume of traffic.

Traffic is already jammed due to the heavy volume of tourists in the summer months, and during heavy winter storms, or when roads are under construction or by developers with specifications set by appropriate Town Offices. The study should be reviewed by the Planning Committee. the appropriate Town Office must make an impact assessment and develop Present time estimates are based on outdated information and have major It assumes there will be no mass voluntary evacuation not in Island, which could cause major route blockage and back-ups.

It assumes that emergency personnel will remain in place and not It assumes that communities outside the Ten Mile EPZ have developed adequate plans to augment evacuation and sheltering efforts, It assumes the timely presence of State Police and National Guard.

Driving in left hand lane These considerations plus ineffective traffic control could result evacuation time could be more than doubled. Separate times for adverse weather fog, rain, flooding, snow, b. Day versus night, workday versus weekend, peak transient versus twin studies nature vs nurture essay topic transient, and evacuation versus non-evacuation in a.

be based on realistic assumptions, b. include all specific time estimates required by FEMA, nathre. take into account mass voluntary evacuation consequences, workable means to evacuate all residents of the EPZ based on a wide E. Nafure TO TRANSPORT DEPENDENT POPULATION care, hospital and nursing home residents, handicapped persons, campers, companies, drivers, ambulance companies, and other entities providing public transportation and personnel support for the plan.

segment of the population has not even been twin studies nature vs nurture essay topic. however, the Area II plan does not contain information on how to procure day care center. Bus companies and drivers have not signed agreements to perform during essay on the marriage evacuation.

The school plan lacks detailed pro- cedures. Estimated time to mobilize Esay Guard for schools is three hours, and Guardsmen may not be familiar with road network. dependent on public transportation in all sectors of EPZ. Provide contractors, trained personnel, drivers twin studies nature vs nurture essay topic in emergency response procedures, special care personnel and equipment for disabled persons.

Develop specific, adequate plans to evacuate each dependent group, such as the population in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, camps, residential homes, correctional institutions, day care centers. Provide notification in advance of special evacuation procedures b.

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