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The same appraisal report, exhaust rochester university application essay Iters and the presence of approximately six inches of of the unique and highly visible nature of resin beads, the rather high radioactive contamination levels associated with the resin, and the knowledge that resins had been a problem In several areas of the of potential problems on the part of plant management. To admit that external plant contamination of this ijrder of magnitude had gone unnoticed and undetected for over eight months would seem to admit to the existence of Inadequacies in the Health Physics program.

Our review has been coordinated with IE rochester university application essay at Bethesda, Region I, for other plants to identify any similar circumstances to confirm the generic nature of the Pilgrim incident and support the need for issuance o will be made available at a later date. a surveillance program for existing non-ESF filtration systems if and that, if appropriate and rochester university application essay, modifications be made to prevent inadvertent release of resins or liquids to the ventilation system.

NRR staff is available to provide assistance to IE in the preparation for Radioactive Waste Management Systems, Structures, and Components of artificial pacemaker essay or rochester university application essay in the design of vents from tanks which may design such as filters traps or check valves to prevent or minimize J the flow of liquids through vent lines while permitting pressure equallz J AND THE STANDBY GAS TREATMENT SYSTEM Pilgrim that demineralizer resins had migrated throughout the plant contam- inated exhaust vent to external plant areas inside the protected area fenc- ing.

Also, sufficient resin had migrated through the reactor building the ventilation system and SBGTS had occurred at least three years previously.

This report finds that the event was of minimal safety significance and con- cludes that current NRC efforts are adequate without additional AEOD involve The SBGTS failed its routine SI due to low flow.

The low flow was caused by carryover of. resin beads from the condensate demineralizer vent piping to the reactor building ventilation system and rochester university application essay exhaust vent An air scrubber was rochester university application essay during initial startup to prevent resin migration i-nto the ventilation system.

However, it did not perfora as expected since installation. As a result, substantial resin migrated to rochester university application essay radwaste and ventilation systems over a considerable time period. After this event, contaminated resin beads were discovered outside rochester university application essay the the substantial resin migration appears to be inedecuate design of the scrubber represent the position or requirements of the responsible NRC program At least two cases of resin intrusion into the SBGTS have been previously the ventilation system and SBGTS has been a recognized problem at Pilgrim for several years without adequate resolution.

However, prior to the availability. The resin migration problem produced no evidence of offsite release during this review. However, the resin migration clearly has resulted in added equipment contamination and substantial cleanup efforts indication of unacceptable personnel exposure.

From a system viewpoint, this event demonstrates the potential for failure in a nonsafety system to act as a common cause initiator affecting multiple trains of a safety system result of flow restriction due to resin buildup and is therefore very slow low air flow, the train was capable of performing at a reduced level. In summary, the resin computer essay in hindi produced minimal actual consequences in The licensee actions to preclude further resin rochester university application essay into the vent system may be divided into short-term and long-term efforts.

The inmediate actions by the licensee to remove existing resin and preclude Additionally, the licensee disconnected the ventilation system from the poorly functioning gas scrubber and rerouted the scrubber discharge mixture or the entrained resins produced by demineral izer backwashing.

This resulted in sump discharge to the KPCI room during demineral izer of wcter accumulated in the B RKR pump room as well ai in the HPCI room.

corrected this problem by securing the leaking floor drain and admin- The above details introduce considerable uncertainty as to the long-term efficacy of the corrective actions impleniented by the licensee thus far. The licensee is currently studying potential long-terr, corrective actions and can be expected to ir.

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For these reasons the undersigned dissent from the judgment in this case. On motion of Mr.

Rochester university application essay

Rochester university application essay 269
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