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Plants, the Commission sample application essays college the broader lessons of the Chernobyl accident for nuclear safety in the United States. Those broader the adequacy of our netzel scholarship essays efforts to prevent such accidents and to think are three Inesc apable conclusions regarding the risk of core meltdown n y First, unless further steps are taken to reduce substantially the likeli- hood of a core meltdown accident, we can expect to see such an accident at probabilistic risk assessments done for U.

plants to date, how to write conclusion for research essay the substantial uncertainties in those assessments. Including their limited ability to account for human performance and external accident Initiators, and by recent operating experience with the plants which shows that at chief safety officer noted recently, serious operating events illustrate that In the real world, system and component reliabilities can degrade below those we and the Industry routinely assume in estimating core melt Second, as Is apparently the case with the Soviet reactors, our reactors were not designed for large-scale core meltdown accidents.

Sample application essays college such accidents were assumed to be so unlikely as to be incredible, they were judged to be outside of the design basis for the plants.

One consequence of this sample application essays college is that U. reactor containments were designed to withstand the rupture of a large steam pipe but were not designed to withstand severe core meltdown accidents, the extent to which they can withstand such accidents depends upon the sequence of events during sample application essays college accident, the individual plant designs and the manner in which each plant is operated and maintained.

While we hope that their occurrence is unlikely, there are accident sequences for U. plants that can lead to rupture or bypassing of the containment in U. reactors which would result In the off-site release of sample application essays college products comparable to or worse than the releases estimated by the NRC staff to have taken place during the Chernobyl accident.

That is why the Conmisslon told the Congress recently that It could not rule out a commercial nuclear power plant accident in the United States resulting In tens of billions of dollars in property losses and injuries to the public.

The bottom line is that, given the present level of safety being achieved by the operating nuclear power sample application essays college in this country, we can expect to see a core meltdown accident within the next releases of radiation which are as large as, or larger than, the releases estimated to have occurred at Chernobyl. My point Is that large power reactors. In this country and abroad, are not Inherently safe. Each design has Us own core meltdown vulnerabilities. If nothing else Chernobyl should remind all of us that core meltdown accidents can happen and, even assum titles underlined in essays evacuation Is successful, that the resulting releases can leave largetracts of land and buildings highly To me, the lessons of Chernobyl are simple and straightforward.

Given the uncertainties in containment and plant performance, the occurrence of a Accident six years ago, and it is no less true today. We should return to occurring and to minimize their consequences should one occur. This safety Indian Point Special Proceeding, with the Severe Accident Policy Statement, been sweeping the nuclear Industry and the Conrilssion over the past two minimum safety standards, and buildin g on them to have better nuclear plants with greater defense-In-depth than that being achieved in this country.

These other countries have better designed plants that are the U. plants. They have achieved a far better state of affairs with respect to reliability and safety of their plants than this country has.

And, they have accomplished this in a disciplined manner at reasonable costs. While we are looking at foreign safety experience In the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident, we should consider following their example.

The Chairman. Our sample application essays college panel this evening is comprised of the people who make the decisions, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. We heard a great many serious concerns, voices, this evening about the way in which the 5th grade bullying essay prompt and FEMA are regulating the Linking devices for essays on leadership plant, are planning for emergency preparedness.

Here this evening to respond Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation. Along with Dr. Murley is Mr. are the representatives from FEMA, Mr. Richard Krimm, the as- sistant associate director of FEMA and Mr. Jack Dolan from STATEMENTS OF RICHARD KRIMM, ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE DI- Mr. Krimm. Thank you very much.

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Sample application essays college

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