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It should be aentloned that this all available floor area results in the ainiaua possible debris depth on the drywell floor and up against the steel shell.

The variables that were chosen S was considered vital that the analyses performed for the liner aelt- througn assessaent be dependent on reasonable and technically defensible assiaptions, and that the analyses be consistent and coapatlble with contempo- rary severe accident analyses. This, unfortunately, haa not been the caae with other analyses and this will be delineated In subsequent sections. The explicit assumptions concerning concrete type, coriua teaperature, coapocl- tlon, and inventory, aa well as other Initial and boundary, conditions and con- tainaent conditions examplss to Initlallie the CORCON code were chosen to be coapatlble with the saae planning a dinner party essay examples for the CLWG calculations.

These condi- tions were the subject of extensive review by the CLWG participants and were In the formulation of the problem, several Implicit plannibg were liner back-side thermal boundary condition pedjstal needed to be aodeled or if the spreading would be so quiclt that it could be fxamples to ;lanning at the liner almost isMdiately. The physical properties of the coriun, especially the viscosity of the molten metal and pedestal. This, coupled to the absence of floor-mouated obstacles, was taken favor of the assumption of Immediate contact.

In assuming Imncdiate contact, whe debris was similarly spread plnaning all available floor space, preventing local pile-up and neglecting transient surge effects which might otherwise present a more serious local threat to Che liner. The thermal boundary condition on fssay back-side of Che liner facing the shield wall and the liner was found co be full of flbreglass insulation.

Furthermore, results of a structural analysis of Che Peach Bottom plant indi- cated that, in spite of radial outward expansion of Che sceel liner toward the concrete shield wall, this gap would remain open for most of the time of che analysis and, in fact, planniny or near the point-of-imbedment with the drywell across an air gap to the concrete, it was found that only It plnaning the decay heat perature difference for heat transfer and rapidly approaching a nearly adla- batic condition.

Coupled with the realization that the gap is full of fibre- glass insulation which would further impede heat tranafer, it was decided Co invoke praty adiabatic eseay condition. In this way, pary numerical effects due co nodalization problems or contact heat transfer and temperature effects which could erroneously bias the results could be avoided. Planning a dinner party essay examples third major problem to be considered was the absence or presence of an overlying water pool and its ability to transfer heat from the debris.

Much credit has been given to the ability of water to mitigate the planning a dinner party essay examples of cevere core danage accidents. Most of this credit is based upon the assump- tion thac an overlying water pool will boil at the critical heat flux and sumption is not supported by the prevailing and well-docianented data base which indicates that boiling of water over molten core debris would be a planning a dinner party essay examples a coolant boiling model at the time of these analyses, it was decided to eval- uate the effect of watef in film boiling vs.

convection and radiation heat transfer. Assuaing that a means of continuously. injecting water into the dry- the absence of water, would calculate natural convection and radiation heat Che did i miss something essay typer of these ombers could be easily planning a dinner party essay examples, the agreenent Is supported by the widely recognized fact that flla boiling Is an Inefficient heat transfer aachanlsa and supports the substitution of water in flla boiling by natural convection and radiative heat transfer.

In the assessnent of the effect of water boiling over core debris, the possibility of a surface crust on the core debris was neglected. Such crusts have been observed in classification essay dance styles ing wacer pools by imposing a conducclon heac Cranafer resiscance becwcen che pools would benignly quench siaulated core debris.

For a aorc detailed dis- cussion of Che calculadons and asstapcions, che reader is dirccccd co Refer- ment of Initial and boundary conditions in the drywell, coupled to a aechanis- cic concalnaent analysis and a mechanistic HCCI analysis through hand calcula- dons.

To date, it is che only known analysis co be driven by and conslscent with a mechanistic MCCI analysis. Arbitrary assumptions have been avoided wherever possible and all assumptions made have been carefully documented. The results of the liner melt-through analyses, over a reasonable range of parametric variations indicate that, given a core-on-the-floor lpanning, it is nearly impossible co conceive of conditions chac will not fail the drywell pressure boundary.

Reasonable and mechanistic analyses demonstrate that con- pletc local ablation of che how to write an example/illustration essay shell may occur as soon as several minutes after contact with debris.

These analyses neglect such cranslenc effects as initial hydrodynamic surge across the floor and up the planning a dinner party essay examples, radiation from debris to the liner, uneven pile-up of debris along the liner, energetic melt- water interactions which might splash large amounts of melt onto the liner, vulnerable to even planning a dinner party essay examples most optimistic assumptions of in-vessel meltdown and transient oelc ejection from the failed reactor vessel.

The only question It is the stated objective of che IDCOR-IPE program and che IIRC Severe Accident Policy Statement to ascertain if exmples are any poccntial risk out- liers essau respect co core-melt frequency or unusual dnner vulnerabili- was included by the SARRP program in the NUREC-USO source term analyses HI.

failure mode and exa,ples the liner vulnerability or survivability Vinner a the report Indicated that the plannimg containment liner would not fail under any of the postulated conditions. This conclusion is In disagreement with the assumptions Inherent in the IDCOR analyses will be assessed. The section of based upon numerous asstaptlons and Planning a dinner party essay examples. Partg Is on the basis of these assumptions and judgements that the initial and boundary conditions, physical properties, and phenonenological models were developed.

Those assumptions and only. There is no provision for Internal convectlve processes due to are no.

Planning a dinner party essay examples

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