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We find, however, here and there a few deviations which we think it important to mention at this medical nursing essay writing. establisliment, systematizing and execution of the current and customary as well as the extraordinary affairs of a business.

Ympyn suggests that the index should be bound in parchment and placed either at the begiiniing or the end of firdaus kanga essay ledger, but in such a manner that it can be taken out if necessary. In front of corrective ledger entries he uses a cross and does not branch stores the sales are entered into a sales journal, and totaled once a week for transfer to the ledger.

Ympyn is more extensive in his explanations than Pacioli about barrato or trade, also about the draft and should remember, however, that Pacioli describes these more fully in the parts of his book not covered by the subject of bookkeeping.

Ympyn recommends a separate book for household expenses, and a petty expense book for the small expenses of the business. The totals are transferred from these books to the journal once a month. He mentions a special cash book for special kinds of species or for foreign money penn state berks application essay is handled by the firm, shipping book.

As to accounts, he mentions interest, building rents, ground rents, expenses, household expenses, merchandise expenses, building repair, garden medical nursing essay writing, salaries, loans, expenses of childbirths and an account for marriage gifts.

Like Pacioli and Manzoni, Ympyn uses a profit and loss account, very much the same as we do today. draws off a balance to prove the correctness of the ledger. Ympjoi, however, puts the balance at the end of the ledger as an account, although he does not explain it as such in his text in this he does not follow Pacioli.

He balances the profit and loss account to capital account without medical nursing essay writing it through the Ympyn specifically mentions that merchandise must be inventoried at cost and he inventory account, to which all accounts showing an inventory of merchandise or goods and then this account in turn is closed to the balance account.

He does not journalize ever, we find that he does journalize his profit and loss items, as does Manzoni, but which these entries. HowPacioli does not do. Assets in the balance account are put on the credit side and liabilities on medical nursing essay writing debit side. He uses no opening balance account in the new ledger, but evidently posts from the old balance account in the old ledger in reverse order to the new ledger, because the closing balance account in the old ledger gives the folios to which the items are posted in the new ledger.

We have seen that Pacioli says that you can transfer the capital account either as a balance in one item, or itemized the latter having the advantage of then representing a summary of the inventory, and each new ledger then starts with an inventory. printing much of the form and arrangement is lost. Ympyn permits no medical nursing essay writing. He wishes a line drawn through the wrong amount or words the same as Pacioli does, in order to be able to prove of what the error consisted.

the journal entries must be so clear that anybody can understand the transactions they record that books comes nearer not only by day but as well by night.

lines of which Pacioli speaks, are used in the journal when the posting is finished in the ledger when the account is closed or transferred to the new ledger. credits wdth the assets and debits with the liabilities, which agrees with the idea of the personifying of accounts and results in a net credit in this accovmt, which net credit is the same as we use in the capital Roman figiires in all money columns, both ledger and journal. Orange, then Governor of some of the Dutch provinces.

Stevin first taught the Prince bookkeeping and then induced him to install a double-entry system of bookkeeping throughout his domains and government Stevin apologizes for the use of terms in foreign languages, such as debit, credit, debitor, creditor, balance, medical nursing essay writing, finance, etc. but says they are necessary because if he used Dutch terms the bookkeepers would not understand what he was writing about, and as bookkeepers only in the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes essay supposed to profit by medical nursing essay writing regulations promulgated and ordered by Maurits, the Prince of Orange, for the medical nursing essay writing municipal accounting system, he insists that he must use the foreign terms.

The objection of the Prince that government clerks would not understand Italian or double-entry bookkeeping, he overcomes by advising that he could hire and should hire clerks who did know it, for they undoubtedly would be better men. The objections to the necessity of double-entry bookkeeping for municipalities and governments he reaaway medical nursing essay writing stating that medical nursing essay writing merchant has some direct personal supervision over his medical nursing essay writing and cashiers, but the government must direct them through endicott college essay example persons.

personal supervision, it follows that if macro environment marketing essay pdf merchant needs double-entry bookkeeping and finds it profitable, the government needs it that much more.

Stevin does not give rules for the making of journal entries, but he explains a difficulty which the Take always my creditor and my debtor Stevin urges upon the Prince that governmental treasurers invariably become rich, and when they die leave such a muddled state of affairs and records that there is nothing left but to forgive and forget, but that such is not the case with bookkeepers and cashiers of mercantile establishments they invariably die poor.

A merchant, he says, knows what his bookkeeper or his cashier or treasurer should have, but this The Prince then asks if bookkeeping ever had been worthy of such consideration that books were published on it. Stevin replied that numerous writers had taken up the subject, and that while doubtless the double-entry system was originated in olden times, yet in Italy where it is said to have been executed first, it is considered an art of which no other is so honorable and worthy. with the view of installing double-entry bookkeeping in the governmental departments as soon as Stevin Stevin has a firm place in tlie heart of the writer, because he mentions in his book that one of medical nursing essay writing forbears was a treasurer of the city of Flissingen, thus supplying the missing data for the genealogy of Comparison of the journal and the ledger with the reproductions of the Italian writers heretofore given, will at once show that in printing as well as in arrangement the Dutch were far superior to the comparison with Pietra and Mainardi will make this very plain.

The examples must be pronoup. ced as being excellent for their time. The journal entries are differently grouped than has been done by any previous writers, very much more systematic, and in many instances only totals from other records It will be noted that all religious terms at the top of pages or at the beginning of books, customarily used in the Italian method, have been omitted.

The slightest reference to the Deity is absent in these books, due to the fight for religious freedom which then waged in Holland. statue at Bruges to liis memory, a Catholic agitation was aroused in the House of Representatives to defeat the project. Even medical nursing essay writing clerical editor expunged his name from a Dutch dictionary of biography, where it had appeared in earlier edition.

However that may be, the writer having been born in Holland and there having kept numerous sets of books, can vouch that twenty years ago the majority of books which came under his supervision were opened and closed in the name of the Diety. follows Ympyu and others, which is corroborating evidence that Stevin through Dafforne has influenced English and Medical nursing essay writing bookkeeping more than has Mellis, who followed Pacioli in the use of religious terms. Stevin personifies the impersonal or economic accounts when he states that cash account true friendship essays an account with the cashier and follows this idea throughoiit his work in connection with other accounts.

He men- tious the three methods of buying and selling theretofore described bj the Italians, namely, on account, for cash, and in trade, and the combinations that can be made with these three. states that medical nursing essay writing the beginning of every book two entries are necessary, wliich sliould cover mereliaiidise, and cash on hand, as also the debts owing and accounts owning, and like Pacioli and Ympyn he explains fully that sometimes a business can be started on credit but he doubts the medical nursing essay writing. Stevin is the first to use the system of controlling accounts, and as shown in the first page herewith reproduced, in the second line after the table, the same name for tiiese accounts is retained today, lie uses was obtained from the detailed monthly reports from the sub-treasurers or casliiers of the various places and departments, and were posted to these controlling accounts through the medium of journal entries.

Medical nursing essay writing

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Every one has heard something about Mettray, and its success as a reformatory of juvenile criminals. Observe how nearly the successful system there pursued, conforms to the abstract principles above enunciated.

Thus the music process essay rubric success, regarded by Mr.

Hoskins as Here, then, we find a third order of evidences. Psychology supports our conclusion. The various medical nursing essay writing above detailed, carried out by men who had no political or ethical theories to propagate, have established facts which we find to be quite concordant, not only with the deductions of absolute morality, medical nursing essay writing also with the deductions of mental science.

Medical nursing essay writing a combination of different kinds of proof, cannot, we think, be resisted. And now let us try whether, by pursuing somewhat further the method thus far followed, we can see our way to the development of certain improved systems which are coming into use. the offender. A shorter period than is necessary, implies a potential injustice to society. And yet, without good guidance, one or other of these extremes is almost sure to be fallen into.

Now the question is whether, in place of this purely empirical method which answers so ill, equity can guide 2013 sat essay prompts and answers to a method which shall more correctly adjust the period of restraint to the requirement. We believe it can.

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