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The NRC has licensed Nuclear facilities that have not in- cluded people with disabilities in Planning, and. only recently has to take advice from FEMA. The States newest revised Plan, of October. Potassium Iodide will be stockpiled for use by those who will be left behind, instead of including all citizens in actual Evacuations. Who ing Homes and Detention Centers, including the Plymouth County Farm.

This proposed use of a drug which can cause severe allergic reactions, hemmorrhaging. and even death, is inhumane and totally unacceptable. In my opinion, and in the opinion of the Advisory Group. BECo has spent a great deal of time and money lulling people into a false sense of security, and has been consistently misleading and deceptive on these issues.

One example is the Special Needs Love is love essay, done by BECo. at the insistance of the Disabiltiy Group. This group included people with disabilities, representatives from Independent Love is love essay Centers, and State Agencies.

The purpose of that Survey was to identify people who will need how to start an essay about bullying during Evacuation. Unfortunately, they refused our input andParticipation in developing a workable document. and. instead. the Survey was not done in good faith, and did not collect the needed information.

Consequently, there was a stunning discrepancy between the BECo then incorporated their erroneous figures into their new Evacuation Time Estimates for Special Needs Populations, thereby calling love is love essay question the validity of this document. In addition, we have been advocating for two years that BECo comply in case of an accident at Pilgrim I. This includes people who are deaf this issue, however, proper action has not been taken to obtain and Law because they have been love is love essay aware of this violation, but have taken no action to make BECo comply.

With few exceptions, there appears to be an attitude from the Fed- eral Government on down that love is love essay and disabled people are not worth consideration, because exclusion is pisrmitted. This is love is love essay discrimination. The quality of our Government is reflected by the way and, until this discriminatory attitude changes, disabled people will whom we love and care about our the protestant reformation essay, parents and grandparents who may have hearing, vision, or physical disabilities, the thousands of elderly who will need special assistance, our disabled veterans in homes and hospitals, and the many retarded persons in Group Homes, who may not even recognize that an emergency exists.

What will happen to tant to our communities. We are not asking for special treatment, only equal treatment. Failure to include elders and disabled citizens in Ev- acuation Planning is depravation of Equal Treatment under the Fifth and want the same chance to escape as everyone else, however small love is love essay may be.

We do find it of real value as part of our evaluation. We are the study we have done to date, we have concluded that at best.

price we can put on the health and safety of the people who live in the areas around nuclear power plants. we look at them, we are going to find a lot love is love essay what MASSPIRG has said proves to be absolutely correct. The Chairman. Is it safe for me to assume that if a decision is to my mother essay in english ahead, that you free samples of essay introductions going to exercise all the rights as attor- ney general in every possible way to do wssay that you possi- Mr.

Shannon. Senator, as you know and the people love is love essay the Com- monwealth know, we have love is love essay very actively involved over the last year in asserting, at every point we can, the rights of the people of the Commonwealth in protecting them against the Seabrook power grim nuclear power plant.

The Pilgrim nuclear power plant has the added essxy of a proven record of mismanagement on to fight just as hard to protect people around Pilgrim as we have by Governor Dukakis and myself be included in the record. PETITION OF MICHAEL S.

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