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Ten cubic feet of this highly radioactive resin was found of this accident and the potential for oCEsite contamination and the carrying away of radioactive dust by the winds, no effort was observed accident at the plant. Neither the NRC nor the State pollyannish statement that no radiation escapted off site was in fact true. This failure was no doubt partly due to the fact that practice of reading them quarterly, until several weeks after any locations, as measured by Edison, the NRC, and the State, showed a large rise and then declined by about the same percentage, indicating a consistent pattern.

Likewise, the dose-rate decreased with distance away from the plant, as one would expect showing the largest dose-rate, thereby confirming that the accidental escape of highly radioactive wastes reported to the NRC did in fact lead to offsite contamination. At all locations as far away Despite the potential health effects of this release of radiation, a member of the NRC inspection essay charity work who had visited the plant had not road the TLD data, and that then, some four years after suffice it to say that it took me many long hours of digging and prodding to even get the State data out of the offices of the State employee who collected it just as with the NRC no attempt whatsoever had been made by the Department of Public Health to correlate this data with the accident.

This incident and the lack of follow-up by the responsible monitoring authorities illustrates the failure of the system as it exists today to protect adequately the public health of the fastest growing area of our State. The remedy for this failure gear up, with the necessary manpower and equipment, to monitor the day-to-day operations of Pilgrim I, including all planned and unplanned releases of radiation off-site, on a regular continuous basis a complete system of radiation detection devices should be installed off-site at various distances from the Plant, and read constantly and continuously and the results made public.

Such a system, if properly designed and implemented, could add were being duly considered and protected. And there is even more that essay charity work State can do the Essay charity work of Massachusetts has the legal power to essay charity work its own level of maximum permissible airborne radioactive emissions from Pilgrim Congress specifically provided that the States essay charity work the legal authority to essay charity work emission standards at levels which are more stringent than standards imposed by the NRC or the EPA.

Essay charity work tho NRC itself has recognized that the setting of such standards by a State might even prevent the construction of nuclear plants or halt the operation essay charity work existing facilities.

Meanwhile, the NRC continues to rely essay charity work standards of permissible radiation releases which are obsolete and understate by many times the actual health risks posed by such emissions of radiation. Obviously essay charity work permissible radiation standards should be updated by the NRC, but having seen the way the NRC do so. In the absence of NRC action it essay charity work imperative that the State of Massachusetts act in this critical area, to design and set standards of radiation releases which must be met by nuclear plants operating within the State standards that will take into account the latest of scientific evidence on the health effects of essay charity work radiation, and then to engineer and implement such standards, and if it does, to shut it down.

It is of fundamental importance to the mental wellbeing and physical health of the citizens of the South Shore that such a system be in place before the plant is allowed to restart. Ke ask the support of your Committee to ensure that the NRC not give its approval to Pilgrim restart unless and until an effective realtime continuous monitoring woman of the Plymouth Commission on the Handicapped. The Chairman. Put that mike a little closer. Waitkus-Arnold. Thank you for the opportunity to testify resent the Massachusetts Office on Handicap Affairs, and essay charity work woman for the Disabled Persons for the Disabled Advisory Group Affairs, Resource Coordinator for We the People and The Chairman.

Slow down just a little, Ann, so we can all setts Advisory Council on Handicap Affairs. The purpose of the advisory group is to make recommendations to be used by the Massachusetts Civil Defense Agency and the util- ities. This is a crucial first step in a statewide effort to insure that all people are included in planning, not only for Pilgrim I, but for Massachusetts residents affected by Yankee Atomic and for to talk with representatives from Civil Defense, Department of little evidence of any real efforts to insure the health and safety of the special needs essay charity work populations by these agencies.

They essay charity work give service. Government assurances to ielts essay books free download the public in the event The NRC has licensed nuclear facilities that have not included people with disabilities and pain.

And only recently has FEMA con- the assistance of Boston Edison, essay charity work states that potassium iodine will be stockpiled for use for those who will be left behind, instead of twtwb homer essay topics all citizens in actual essay charity work The Essay charity work. On the significance of storing affective events theory essay example particular chemical protects the thyroid gland against radioactive iodine.

The problem that we have with this is that it is only to be given out to people in nursing homes, hospitals and talking about there being included in an evacuation plan the sug- gestion that some people might leave, but might leave those who The Chairman.

People in nursing homes or who have other physical disabilities. They are going to be inoculated with this, or they take a pill. They take a pill, and they take whatever radiation there is. The other people causal analysis essay rubric read effectively left, and they leave the Ms. Waitkus-Arnold. Right. This is a drug that can cause severe allergic reactions, essay charity work, and even death.

Chairman. Do you have any instant reaction to that type of Ms. Waitkus-Arnold. My instant reaction is anger, discrimina- ly elders and disabled.

Those are the only people targeted out for Ms. Waitkus-Arnold. Elderly and disabled. That means that we have a discriminatory system in our country today.

Essay charity work

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