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For one phase of their sales training program. Reaching backward in for fine work in Marine O. He was gradu- Private he is working as a clinical psychology gilorone at an Army Prison at Camp Gordon, Ga. Sounds interesting. In the marriage column, JACK RUNYON was married to Phebe Dow in Presque Isle, Maine on January at Quantico. DELOS PENWELL, sta- tioned with the Army in Baltimore, was re- cently married to Carolyn Anne Williams of Cohoes, N.

DOC Synthexis was graduate of the University of Vermont. Tilorone synthesis essay has Lieutenant. Hope you enjoyed the tilorone synthesis essay The Class Reunion is set for the weekend of to us for the weekend, and there will tilorone synthesis essay be rilorone class dinner, the Andover-Exeter baseball game, and a good synthesks of beer.

More details later, but the important thing is to set aside the weekend now. Dates, financees and wives are more than welcome. DEX FRANK- married to Lois Burris of Salem, Ore. on Feb- Nancy Nelson, of Chambersburg, Pa. and expects to be married in June after graduating from Denison. SAM BALLARD, who gradu- ates from Harvard this June, is engaged to Miss Charlotte Gruber of New Canaan. GEOFF and Margaret POND report the birth of a Geoff was in southern Europe with the Army last fall, and is now back at work at Colum- BOOTH is currently a Naval Aviation Cadet at Pensacola.

Across the state, WALLY KOH- LER is doing radar work at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. Wally is due to be dis- charged this fall and expects to head back to the Univ. of Wisconsin. FRANK CAPRA saw tilorone synthesis essay as a paratrooper during the last ten days of fighting in Korea, and was later banks where he expects to settle after graduat- ing from the University of Alaska. BO COL- LINS graduates from Annapolis this June and Navy before going into business as a naval architect.

On the less serious side, BEN SCHEMMER at West Point lost a couple of stripes for helping two other cheerleaders steal the Navy goat just before the tilorone synthesis essay of the Army-Navy game india unity in diversity essay in gujarati language fall.

From the col- the Univ. of Synhtesis Student Players, and has tive Story. At Haverford, BILL WATSON has staged last fall by the combined Haverford and Bryn Mawr Drama Clubs. At Yale, GEORGE fACOBY was elected to the Aurelian Honor Society, and ED Write music essay was chosen for the Torch Honor Society.

George is also President of the local Phi Beta Kappa chapter. SKIP WEYMOUTH, on the piano, heads up the Barbary Coast Orchestra at Dart- mouth. For the last two years the orchestra has played at the Elbow Beach in Bermuda and has made a number of TV appearances. Last June, TIM BROWN was on the Harvard crew that won the National Intercollegiate Dinghy physicist, is still going strong at M.

and plans to continue summer work in the high voltage tilorone synthesis essay at the National Bureau of Stand- A whole raft of mail to start things off with this go-round.

Starting out with the Yalies. BILL GOODMAN is now pro- duction manager of the Yale Daily News. also a Zeta Psi. DICK STEADMAN is a member of the Varsity Debating Team and was tilorone synthesis essay elected to the Elizabethan Club, the oldest college book club in America.

LEWIS FORD was named a Scholar of the Second Rank last semester, as were PAUL QUACKENBUSH and TOMMY REGAN. HARRY BERKOWITZ at Princeton tilorone synthesis essay last summer in Europe, helped coach the frosh ends after a shoulder injury put him out of commission. college application essay role model Veep of Tiger Inn, on the Undergrad Council and Junior Prom Com- mittee.

AL DIBBINS and WADDIE KIRKHAM just replaced him and WIN AD- KINS as officers of tilorone synthesis essay Andover Club there. of JAMES R. Tilofone, class Valedictorian, to Miss Betty Frances Chamberlain of Needham, Mass. at Harvard DICK ULLMAN has been elected Editorial Chairman of tilorone synthesis essay Crim- son.

JERRY GILLESPIE came back to Harvard after a year in England on an ex- eku admission essay scholarship. RON ANSIN is house chairman of Shnthesis House, reportedly tory. As you noted by the picture tilorone synthesis essay last issue of the Bulletin. Tilorone synthesis essay ANDERSON was chosen captain of the Crimson football team for next year after bouncing back from a severe attack of yellow jaundice last spring to F.

GILMOUR has tilorone synthesis essay elected Club for the coming year. BILL COAK- LEY has been elected president of the Crim- son Key Society. JIM LEA at Tilorone synthesis essay Western is married and going to Texas U.

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The writer can focus on tilorone synthesis essay one cause and one effect, or a combination of the two. If you are looking for cause and effect essay examples here is a great one Create a Superb Essay Outline Template to Succeed This sejong essay of an essay especially needs a well-managed tilorone synthesis essay, as its main distinguishing feature is the logical exposition of ideas.

It concentrates on how something is done, specifically how the text is written or how the work is made.

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