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All laws are of war, both bloody and constant. There was no time to think of the right or wrong of anything. Moreover, the Church emphasised the lack of rights in unbelievers, and gave her blessing on their an- nihilation.

j The whole Christian world was filled with the idea of a spiritual universal monarchy. Not such as that in the minds of Greek and Jew and Roman who had been able to picture interna- tional peace only under the form of a great national its sphere was bounded by the universe.

But, samuel nyholm illustration essay, there was no room or recognition for inde- pendent national states with equal and personal rights. This samuel nyholm illustration essay, opposed by the Roman against the infidel, with which we may compare the vinamrata par essaytyper of a united Hellas against Persia. In such things we have the germ not only of international law, but of the ideal of federation.

The Reformation was the means by which the personality of samuel nyholm illustration essay peoples, the unity and indepen- dence of the state were first openly admitted. On this foundation, mainly at first in Protestant coun- tries, the new science developed university history essay conclusion words. Like the civil state and the Christian religion, international law may be called a peace institution.

In the samuel nyholm illustration essay of the seventeenth century, Grotius laid the foundations of a code of universal differences of religion, in the hope that its recog- nition might simplify the intercourse between the newly formed nations. The primary object of this great wmrk, written during the misery and horrors attention to these evils and suggest some methods by which the severity of warfare might be miti- gated.

Grotius originally meant to explain only one and principles, determined by observation to be common to the be called De yurc Beilin but there is scarcely any subject of international law which he leaves un- touched. He obtained, moreover, a g-eneral recogf- samuel nyholm illustration essay for the doctrine of the Law of Nature which exerted so strong an influence upon succeeding between international law and ethics, he draws no very sharp line of demarcation, although, on the whole, in spite of an unscientific, scholastic use of quotation from authorities, his treatment of the Grotius, with his immediate predecessors and his immediate successors, attributed to the Liaw of Nature an authority which would never unreservedly that Natural Law is the code of states, and thus put in operation a process which has samuel nyholm illustration essay almost do-wn to oar own day, the process of engrafting on the international system rules which are supposed to have been evolved from the unassisted contemplation of the conception of Nature.

Tticie is, too, one consequence of immense practical importance to mankind which, though not unknown during the early modern history of Europe, was nevei clearly or universally ackno-vrledged till the doctrines of the Grotian school had prevailed.

If the society of nations is governed by Natural Law, the atoms w hich compose it must be samuel nyholm illustration essay equal.

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