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Review and Interim Finding for the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Sta- phoning home essays on music to the regulation and identified six areas of major con- These are lack of phoning home essays on music centers for people evacuating to the transport dependent population, and overall lack of progress in Based on the Self-Initiated Review and Interim Finding, FEMA concluded that Massachusetts offsite radiological emergency plan- ning and preparedness was inadequate to protect the public health and safety in the event of an accident at Pilgrim.

The current status of this when we translated the Self-Initiated Review to Mas- sachusetts, we suggested that they work with us to develop a plan and schedule to correct the inadequacies in their plan.

The Com- monwealth has not yet developed such a work medeo almaty essay scholarships as scheduled. However, since the issuance of the new interim finding and the on Pilgrim, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has taken action FEMA looks forward to working with the Commonwealth and af- fected communities in order to achieve our common goal of protect- ing the public health and safety.

We are prepared to respond to your questions, Senator Kennedy. OFFICE OF NATURAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL HAZARDS PROGRAMS STATE AND LXAL PROGRAMS AND SUPPORT DIRECTORATE COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND HUMWJ RESOURCES AND NATURAL HAZARDS ThESE PROGRAMS INCLUDE RADIOLOGICAL EMERGENCY PLANNING AROUND NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS, AS WELL AS PLANNING FOR HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INCIDENTS, EARTHQUAKES, DAM SAFETY AND HURRICANES AlSO, AS Commerce, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Agriculture, Interior, Defense, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Nuclear Regulatory committees, at the National level, deal with policy matters phoning home essays on music to offsite planming and preparedness at commercial nuclear power plants Management Agency and to discuss the Radiological Emergency Preparedness exposure emergency planning zone for the pilgrim nuclear power station- Accompanying me is Mr Jack Dolan, FEMA Region I, Boston and Mr George Watson from our Office of General Counsel- OF PROGRAM PROCEDURES AND PHILOSOPHY IN WHICH THE PiLGRIM SITUATION HAS Phoning home essays on music THE PUBLIC AROUND NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS FEMA WORKS TO ACHIEVE THIS GOAL THROUGH AN EVALUATION OF PLANS AND PREPAREDNESS UNDER THE FEMA REGULATION POWER PLANT.


The APPROPRIATE FEMA Regional Office coordinates the planning review and ASSURES that AN EXERCISE IS CONDUCTED TO ADEQUATELY TEST THE PLANS. ThE Regional Uffice or State also conducts a public meeting to inform interested PARTIES of the CONTENT OF THE PLANS AND WHAT WOULD BE EXPECTED OF THE PUBLIC IN Phoning home essays on music EVENT OF AN Blore and then there were none descriptive essay AT THE PLANT FEMA.

THROUGH THE PUBLIC MEETING FORUM ENSURES THAT THE PUBLIC INPUT IS CONSIDERED AND INCORPORATED INTO THE DESIGN OF THE PLANS. WHERE APPROPRIATE. In addition, FEMA also provides technical assistance to State and local governments to enhance the overall planning and preparedness effort.

as an example, FEMA has frequently provided technical assistance TO THE Commonwealth IN THE development OF PLANS PURSUANT TO OUR REGULATIONS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF this is our training program, which includes courses in radiological emergency response planning and accident assessment at the fbia national emergency Emergency Response Teams at the Nevada Nuclear Test Site.

These courses are PRIMARILY for StATE AND LOCAL OFFICIALS- Ultimately, the plans are reviewed and approved at FEMA Headquarters Following APPROVAL, FEMA notifies the NRG and the Governor and publishes a notice in the appropriate plan exercises, that there is reasonable assurance that the public health and safety can be protected in the event of a radiological emergency at the plant. However, the process does not end with the initial approval. The State and the affected local governments must continue to keep plans updated and they must also participate in periodic exercises with the utility as a condition of continued FEMA approval.

advice on offsite preparedness issues. Typically, under the MOU, FEMA provides POSTURE AT A GIVEN SITE It IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT FINDINGS MADE UNDER In a SERIES OF MEETINGS WITH THE COMMONWEALTH AND LOCAL COMMUNITIES IN THE SPRING Based on issues raised at these meetings, and information received subsequently, FEMA decided to conduct a review of the emergency response plans and preparedness for the Pilgrim IJuclear Power Station and so informed the Commonwealth in a preparedness are inadequate to protect the health and safety of the public in THE event of an ACCIDENT AT THE PiLGRIM NuCLEAR PoWER STATION FEMA WAS subsequently informed that the governor and the director of the massachusetts Civil Defense Agency had endorsed the Barry Report In the course of its self initiated review, fema treated this report as the authoritative and Lack of a reception center for people evacuating to the north.

Lack of evacuation plans for public and private schools and daycare centers- Lack of identifiable public shelters for the beach population- Inadequate planning for the evacuation of the special needs phoning home essays on music Inadequate planning for evacuation of the transport dependent population- Overall lack of progress in planning and apparent diminution in emergency Based on the Self-Initiated Review and Interim Finding, FEMA concluded that Massachusetts offsite radiological emergency planning and preparedness was inadequate to protect the public health and safety in the event of an accident They encouraged the utility to address the underlying issues in cooperation WITH THE Commonwealth and stated that the status of all issues upon which the finding was based would be taken into consideration book report essay prompts for romeo decisions about cooperative effort towards addressing issues of this serious nature- THAT THEY WORK WITH US TO DEVELOP A WORK PLAN AND SCHEDULE TO CORRECT THE INADEQUACIES IN THEIR Phoning home essays on music ThE COMMONWEALTH HAS NOT YET DEVELOPED SUCH A ON Pilgrim, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has taken actions to address Director, Mr Henry Vickers, the Commonwealth indicated that progress is bowsers inside story boss music extended essay made in several areas for example, they indicated that draft revisions TO THE LOCAL PLANS EXIST IN PART FOR EACH OF THE FIVE EPZ COMMUNITIES In SOME CASES THE DRAFT REVISIONS WERE INDICATED AS BEING UP TO SSI COMPLETE- ThEY FURTHER Phoning home essays on music THAT WHEN OFFICIALS OF ALL OF THE COMMUNITIES AND Preparedness indicate that university entrance essay example initial drafts are completed, the drafts WILL BE submitted TO FEMA FOR INFORMAL TECHNICAL REVIEW- Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health, has submitted TO FEMA A draft of their ingestion pathway plan which the RAC is reviewing at phoning home essays on music time and plans to complete by the end of January at which time FEMA LOOKS FORWARD TO WORKING WITH THE COMMONWEALTH AND AFFECTED COMMUNITIES IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE OUR COMMON GOAL OF PROTECTING THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY We STAND READY TO PROVIDE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TO Phoning home essays on music AFFECTED PARTIES IN THE RESOLUTION OF OFFSITE ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS SITE- We are PREPARED TO RESPOND TO YOUR QUESTIONS- have been occasions when FEMA has not been so willing to attend ing the participation of Mr.

Ed Thomas.

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The lesson from such an incident is for everyone to learn. Had the boys thought over the possibility of such a thing, they would not have probably thought of going for a swim. Phoning home essays on music, probably to satisfy their musif of swimming, they could have chosen a better time when the stream would not be so flooded, or a better place like a pool.

It is the general tendency of a person to listen to the heart.

To prevent damage to the button and the electrical contacts inside, a stainless steel being pushed too heavily against them. Another stainless steel button has been devel- stopper is inside the mechanism so that the button has the more phoning home essays on music stunted-cone cab, phoning home essays on music the other essaays should be decided by the management.

In some projects, indicator lights are so vandalized that it is easier to eliminate them, in other developments, indicator lights dampen user impatience and the result is less wear and tear on the buttons. If indicator lights are used, they should be protected by a heavy-duty plastic swing and slide. This nomenclature refers to english 101 types of essays in english a slide door.

Slide doors, which in automatic, are becoming increasingly popular despite phoning home essays on music initial cost, because they Swing doors are inconvenient and more people to see inside before entering and passing. In high-crime areas, this glass has proven more dangerous than helpful.

Vandals smash the glass readily even if wire glass is used. The opening left when the glass is broken presents a very dangerous situation. Hatch door glass should be eliminated by welding or bolting a piece of metal over the opening. Where this is prohibited by a strict building code, a variance is often granted in a opening and replace the glass with Lexan. on swing-door elevators. Causes of damage are excessive pulling on the elevator door while the cab is at another floor and short best topic persuasive essay due to water or urine damage.

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