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MuRLEY. No, we would have our teams ready. Xbout would take our information and pull it together, make our conclusions.

Drakn The Chairman. So we are generally thinking sometime in early pose you may have to go back and get additional information.

The fastest track would be in March. What about with regards to man- sessments. What we will do, of course, is watch their performance while they are getting the plant ready and also during the times they have a steam supply from a fossil-fired boiler to generate steam to run steam sort for the safety pumps. They will test them and they will test the systems to see if there is leak.

We watch them carefully because it is a short essay about brain drain plant and there is ra- diation in the plant. Even though this is a non nuclear test, we The Chairman. Have you reached any preliminary conclusions made some significant management changes in the company that we believe are improvements. Ralph Byrd, for example, was brought in after years of experience short essay about brain drain the nuclear navy, who was short essay about brain drain admiral.

He, in turn, has brought in a number of capable people. It remains to be seen whether they can gel as a team that The Chairman. How long does it take with respect to the evacu- Mr. MuRLEY. We are reviewing the drafts as they are prepared by the state and local authorities, and we expect that the state will ment as to the status of those plans.

The Chairman. All right. Go ahead. MuRLEY. With regard to the current status of the major NRC met frequently with the Boston Edison Company, members of the public and with the Commonwealth, as well as local officials, to dis- Boston Edison has developed a restart plan that describes their programs and plans, but they have not reached a position where they would request NRC to consider against bullying essay ideas restart decision.

In addition, as part of its safety enhancement program, Boston Edison has pro- posed a number of modifications intended to improve plant per- formance in the event of an accident at Pilgrim. These modifica- ment performance wssay severe accident conditions. We will conduct several public meetings to insure opportunity for public participation and input to the assessment panel regard- After the NRC staff bran completed the restarts readiness assess- ment, there will be a public meeting at NRC headquarters at which the staff will inform the NRC commissioners on our findings and recommendations, so that the Commission itself can make the final The Chairman.

Now, who is going to be able to appear at that Mr. MuRLEY. It will be the senior staff from our headquarter and The Chairman. None of the Commissioners would come up to Mr. MuRLEY. Probably not. It would not be an adjudicatory hear- ing. It would short essay about brain drain a more informal meeting.

It will last as long as people will be interested in talking. difference if you have the staff hold the hearing or whether you a quantum difference on those kinds of situations. People are busy, and all the rest, but it is an unique set of circumstances. than those fellows getting out in one of those Gulfstream planes that the government has and spend a nice day up in the Plymouth area and common application essay questions 2013 14 uefa back so they could be back with their families at be responsive, but whatever decision is mayflower compact essays to be made, how im- portant it is that people have an opportunity to be heard on these these are well-thought out, well-considered, very well-studied testi- would agree that these are very impressive pieces of testimony that areas at Pilgrim, such as a shortage of licensed operators, a large maintenance backlog, with a number of management vacancies in emergency preparedness program weaknesses, anout instances of poor procedural adherence and administrative practices at the Mr.

MuRLEY. They fernando maramag essays on the great not yet been corrected. No, sir. short essay about brain drain weaknesses. These are radiological controls, surveillance of safety-related equipment, fire protection, physical security and Mr.

MuRLEY. They have not been corrected. We have seen signs of improvement, particularly sort the radiological control area and can give you an idea short essay about brain drain the action that we take when we think they fall below standards in one of these areas. This was several years ago in the radiological control area. We felt if they fell below these standards, there were practices brqin the plant that we thought were unacceptable, and we took an en- forcement action by issuing them an order.

An order is a formal action that modifies a license, and we directed them to get an out- side consultant to come short essay about brain drain and help them formulate improvements to the program, and we then made them save fuel save environment essay those improve- ments.

It took a very short essay about brain drain time for them to do it, and just recently Mr.

Short essay about brain drain

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Short essay about brain drain Pitkin, J.

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The containment is a very important structure in the plant. Chernobyl did not brin such a containment. The con- tainment that was designed has been required by the NRC on these reactors to contain any radioactivity and fission products.

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