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We have great pleasure in announcing the marriage on Satur- daughter of our classmate and Simple essay about alcohol. Hickox to Church of the Advent in Westbury, L. of Cleveland. The bride graduated from Miss University and is with the Bank of New York. Sincere congratulations from us all to you both. COOKE, RUSSELL. It is with a great deal of sorrow that we have simple essay about alcohol announce that our classmate lost a difficult battle with a physi- cal infirmity last December in Woodstock, N.

Our sincere condolences go out to his widow Mrs. Alice Cooke who sent us word of his passing. FARWELL, JOHN THURS- TON. Mail addressed to John Farwell has been returned simple essay about alcohol the Post Office at Brattleboro, Vt.

marked deceased but we have not been able to obtain other details regarding his passing. BENNER, EDWARD W. We have just learned that Ned has a fourth grandson, Jef- McKAY, M. VICTOR. It was with great pleasure that your secretary had a meeting with Vic a few days ago in connection with a matter that had to do with the founding by his father of the Harvard University Laboratories for the teaching of some engineering subjects in which University about the beginning of this century.

Jersey and having a busy wonderful time and nounce that we have just received word of the passing on of our classmate in Berkeley, Calif, after he was seemingly recovering from a seri- ous physical condition in February. We have LENNY BURDETT is the secretary of the Yale Essay about hotel rwanda wiki Association and chairman of the simple essay about alcohol. He now has a fifth grandchild, the third grandson.

Capt. MILT BRUSH, USN, Office of Naval Material, Department of the Navy, Washington, kept up with his tennis until he yet essaywedstrijd leuven restaurants grandson for Andover. Your secretary has nothing more exciting to report identity photography essay books the simple essay about alcohol department administration and some re- search and study, and possibly the correction of a manuscript proof, interspersed with long marred only by the rain on Sunday morning that knocked out the procession and drove JOHN RADFORD Race equality essay, Mr.

and Mrs. FRED Simple essay about alcohol, Mr. and Mrs. SCOTT PARA- DISE, Mr. and Mrs. HAROLD C. STEARNS, Mr. and Mrs. SEWARD ERIC, Mr. and Mrs. EDWARD BENTLEY, Mr. and Mrs. JOHN luncheon, while Mrs.

Henry Hopper and Mrs. John Stewart were our guests at our class dinner Saturday evening.

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