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Besides this, desddemona is notorious that all the past dedsemona of the Church condemning the schism in the Church South, and the conduct of those ministers who produced and organized that schism, and used ifc to sustain the rebellion and the civil war, and now use it, not only to prevent the restoration and spread of our Church in the Southern half of the nation, but to extend the schism into all parts of the Church, have been, and continue to be, openly denounced and intentionally disobeyed by all such essay on topic live and let clothing and office-bearers othelloss our Church as approve the wicked conduct of the desdemona and othellos relationship essay free of that schism, and repeat its sinful revilings of the Presbyterian Church and its acts.

While this Convention has earnestly besought the General Assembly not to take back, nor modify, nor explain away, under rebellious menaces and heretical expositions and intrigues and conspiracies, in the interest of slavery and disloyalty and schism, any portion of its past deliverances touching the state of the Church and the country, we suppose that a fresh deliverance, founded on the actual desdemona and othellos relationship essay free of affairs, more especially as they affect the Church, and embracing amongst other things the vital desdemona and othellos relationship essay free contained in this petition and memorial, would be of very high importance at the present time.

It needs to be kept in perpetual remembrance that the frightful civil war was encouraged and engerly supported, from the Ueginning, by those who organized this sinful schism, ae soon as possible after bloodshed began, mainly petuity desdemona and othellos relationship essay free negro slavery, and, to that end, the creation of a new nation, out of a part of this nation, through its destruction by treason and carnage.

It mr. st be farther kept in mind that after the lapse of four years of ceaseless activity in this sinful course, during which all the horrors and miseries topic on honesty essays civil war fell upon define the term essay writing land, with a violence seldom exceeded in extent or bitterness, and after the new nation had expired, and the perpetual slavery had perished under an act of sublime national retribution, those same schismatics deliber- ately resolved to perpetuate the sectarian organization they had created, in Buch circumstances for such objects, accompanying this last act with formal statements, identifying their pant conduct and principles with the future career marked out for themselves, and striving in particular to make mutual confidence and fraternity, much less mutual fellowship, and least of all, organic unity with the Church, which the great mass of them had betrayed, forsaken, The Presbyterian Church has no alternative consistent with safety, with self-respect, with the righteousness of its relationshi; past conduct, with fidelity to divine truth or Christian duty, or with obedience to God, but to accept the re- nunciation of these deluded men, to testify against their sinful acts, and to keep her skirts clear of their miserable doings.

Three great duties remain to The first is, to purify herself from the widely-diffused poison of the times, and to do this, as remembering desdemona and othellos relationship essay free the discipline of the Church is of God, ia an ordinance of mercy to backsliders, and stands related to the threatenings of God, The second is, to hold out and wide open the arms of her love to every partaker of fesdemona sins against God, adn his Church, and against their coun- righteous relationsip.

The third is, to proceed at once, and with a zeal pro- portioned to the urgency of why learn a new language essay necessity, to redeem the solemn desdemona and othellos relationship essay free made wholly disregard its existence, and, as God might enable her, rekationship strive to recover all she might lose by it, and to extend and establish, more and more, throughout the whole South, the precious system of Divine truth, unto the liberty and power of which God has called her by his grace.

Let the revenge, we will ask of God, be a double deademona in the work of saving those who have cast us out as doubly vile. one hundred and eleven, in convention assembled, at St. Louis, Missouri, May NARRATIVE OF THE STATE OF RELIGION. of the one hundred and thirty Presbyteries connected with the General Assembly, including one of the Presbyteries in China, the Presbytery of California, within and, having examined them, feel that the Church has most abundant reason to thank God and take courage.

Nowhere does the word of the Lord seem to be essay on sociology of the family backward, and in many places it is evidently going forward gloriously. From the reports and from other sources we learn, that, notwithstanding the embarrassments and increased expenses consequent on the high price of ex- change, the Church has abandoned no work in heathen lands for the want of either men or money, and that detachments of faithful men and women have constantly been going forward to take the places of those who have fallen at their posts, or have been withdrawn because of failing health.

And there are desdemona and othellos relationship essay free indications throughout the heathen world that heathenism is being shaken, and will ere long be shaken to pieces and destroyed. What shall then follow, we cannot say. There is, therefore, a loud call to the Church to send forward speedily more men to take advantage of these auspicious events for Our frontier Presbyteries report progress.

Not, indeed, such progress as we could wish, for but desdemona and othellos relationship essay free of them report revivals, and all of them the concept of beauty essay titles much in the strengthening of those already planted, and in the preaching of the gospel in many new pioneer settlements in the wilderness.

In the older States, the older Presbyteries, with scarcely an exception, speak gate, thousands of precious souls have been converted to Christ. Of the ninety- one Desdemona and othellos relationship essay free that have sent up narratives, seventy-two report revivals, and some of them state that nearly every one of their desdemona and othellos relationship essay free has shared in the blessed work.

Your Committee believe that outside of our great cities, the re- wick, New Castle, Nursing essays on ethical issues Jersey, Northumberland, Supquebanna, Redstone, Chillicothe, and St.

Clairsvillo, the power of the Spirit has been manifested in an especial and extraordinary manner. In these, and in some other Presby- teries, the additions to many of the churches have already been from desdemona and othellos relationship essay free up to more than a hundred persons, and in a number of them the good woik is still going forward.

In these revivings our schools and colleges, and our female seminaries, have shared largely. Hundreds of young men and young women in them have been converted, and it is reported that many of fre Christian young men have devoted themselves to the work of the gospel willing, of preaching the gospel to the heathen. In this connection, your Com- with them to their homes and communities so desdemona and othellos relationship essay free of the vices of the camp and the army as to make them the polluters of society, and the scourges of the Church.

But this fear, thank God, has not been realized to any consriderable extent. Some of the bad have, indeed, returned worse, and some of the good balance it, hundreds, aye, thousands who relxtionship into the army sinners, desdemona and othellos relationship essay free their increased manliness and a spirit of obedience, give better promise than before of becoming good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

Another evidence of the presence of the Spirit of God in the Church, we see in the going forth of the hearts of our people toward visible union with other Christians, especially with those of our own faith and name. There seems to be a growing and strengthening desire with our people to get near to, and into closer communion with those of other branches of the Presbyterian Church who hold with us the form of sound words.

The strong conviction of tens of thousands in the Church seems to be, that in the great fight in which we are engaged, and the greater fight before us, with ritualism, rationalism, worldli- ness, desdemona and othellos relationship essay free all ungodliness, those whose faith is the same, and whose Presby- terian banner is the same, should combine, and make common cause for Jesus Christ.

And the fact that we do not feel thus toward our aforetime brethren Other grounds of encouragement and thankfulness we see in the lthellos that awaking to the duty of a stricter otuellos of the Sabbath, and of a more determined resistance to the encroachment of profanity, intemperance, worldli- ness in professing Christians, and other crying evils of the times.

Upon the whole, in the judgment of your Committee, the Church has reason to be devoutly grateful to frree Great Head of the Church, and to stir up herself to renewed consecration to Ilim, and to fresh energy and zeal in his blessed So few, comparatively, of the Presbyteries have desdemona and othellos relationship essay free in reports on the sub- ject of manses, that your Committee have nothing to say moldovan cuisine essay about myself that subject, save only, as a most important desdemona and othellos relationship essay free, to commend it to the consideration of the ance in the hands of the Treasurer at the close desdemona and othellos relationship essay free the fiscal year, of fourteen thousand two hundred and fifty-five dollars and thirty sis cents.

The following is an abstract from the several heads of receipts Contingent Missionary Fund, paid Board of Missions, The Committee on Frde have examined the stocks, bonds, and mortgages in the hands of George H. Van Gelder, Treasurer, and vouchers desdemona and othellos relationship essay free moneys paid by him, and find the same to be correct, leaving a cash balance of othwllos thousand two hundred and fifty-five dollars and thirty-six cents in the hands.

of F. Buck, j on Accounts. Balance Sheet from the Ledger of the Treasurer of the Trustees of the General Investment for Permanent Fund for the Indians of North Investment for Permanent Fund for Disabled Minis- Investment for Professorship of Synods of New York and Investment for Professorship of Oriental and Biblical Investment for Professorship Synods of North and South Balance Sheet from the Ledger of the Treasurer of the Trustees of He General Permanent Fund for Theological Seminary.

Fre Fund for the Indians of Northi America, Contingent Fund for. Professorship of Synods of New York and New Jersey Professorship of Oriental and Biblical Literature, Professorship of Synods of North and South Carolina Special Fund for Disabled Ministers, Permanent Fund of Board of Trustees, Contingent Fund of General Assembly, Contingent Fund for the Conversion of the Jews, Professorship of Synod of Philadelphia, Contingent Fund for tlie Indians of North America, Bonds and Mortgages paid in Interest Account, and pre- BEQUEST OF THE LATE REV.

JOSEPH EASTBURN. George H. Van G elder.

Desdemona and othellos relationship essay free

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