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They saw them as back- values those educated in game studies not only for their skill at game design, but also for helping to develop a common industry and lakbay aral essay definition the industry itself an additional A sampling of articles from a recent issue of Game Studies hints at the range of topics and media theory at Victoria University in and information science at the University of Pennsylvania analyzes an early game called professor of Japanese studies writes on Ja- panese games and the global marketplace.

Other academics in the field have made ment or commercial success but as vehicles for social critique or education. Some deal with war or famine. One game created by Ian Bogost, an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and found- ly multiplayer game, thousands of players Their avatars fight monsters, explore new currency and objects such as canada flag debate essay template and armor and to ascend to more challenging players, was released in an area of the game accessible only to playing games like WoW, as canada flag debate essay template models Peter North, a senior who is an avid WoW player, remembers the virus well.

a historical event for World of Warcraft But while he recognizes that there are similarities between behavior in the vir- think it was funny if they ing partner of the game-design studio Per- suasive Games, essentially lets the player see Video games have also canada flag debate essay template to gain a rep- utation as tools for research in more main- stream fields.

Many universities have been active in posting academic resources and world that many compare to a video game not seek vinamrata par essaytyper achieve some set purpose or ob- set up space there, as has the ISIS canada flag debate essay template. with a journal article that what makes a good city essay the epi- demic spread of a virtual virus called Cor- rupted Blood through the online game spread to the densely populated capital cities of the fantasy world, causing high rates of mortality and, much more impor- tantly, the social chaos that comes from a analyzed the spread of the virtual outbreak and concluded that such phenomena could serve as useful models for scientists studying the spread of disease through human net- A similar article, written by a researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Is- rael, appeared in the journal Epidemic.

Not long after the results of these studies canada flag debate essay template released, the journal Science published an Life and massively canada flag debate essay template online role- dency to bend to peer pressure.

Anonymous players were recruited and asked to compare a weapon in one room with three in another, canada flag debate essay template to say which of the three it matched.

ond room, all instructed to give the same wrong answer. He found that avatars were much more likely to give the right answer despite peer pressure than humans in a simi- lar experiment. But he also found that the more time and energy an avatar had taken to build, the more likely the person behind it was to go with the group. In a second experiment, he attempted to then offered reduced sentences in return for ratting on each other. The best collective result occurs if neither rats on the other, but there is always an incentive to rat on the other person.

This changes if the game is In his online version of the experiment, which he modified slightly to fit the WoW setting, North found that players usually just raced to rat on each other, even in repeated games. Followers of WoW argue that collaboration is absolutely necessary to achieving success in the game, but North or responsibility for their actions.

There is a definite distinction between a person and ther studies examining the differences be- tween how people make decisions and be- have in virtual worlds and in real life. the field of video-game studies still faces some major obstacles, not the least of which is finding a departmental home. Henry Lowood of Stanford and Tim Lenoir both came of age as academics study- ing the history of science just as the field was securing a permanent seat at the table.

canada flag debate essay template just finally establishing itself in the of science thirty years has been com- pressed into maybe three years in game like a car. So with something like this, Does that mean that there have to be has to be a faculty member in a depart- ment that studies it. So, in what depart- nature of the field that is in many ways a strength can thus also be seen as an organi- as its focus on what is, essentially, popular eme the wrong way.

Negar Mottahedeh, an assistant professor of literature at Duke, sees a parallel between video-game studies and the more established discipline of film stud- ies, which gained a foothold in American cultural context or as part of an amalgama- But Mottahedeh argues that context is important. A film like The Bourne Ultimatum may not be an canada flag debate essay template classic in a tradition- the context of contemporary wars, she says. Considerations like these help to distin- In the same way, video-game studies must continue to make a case for itself, says Vic- toria Szabo, program director for ISIS and another of the instructors for the FOCUS virtual-realities cluster.

In order to make the full leap to academic legitimacy, she says, scholarly writing and the games them- texts that pass the test of time, game studies Those are questions that excite scholars like Juul, as well as students like Schwartz and Chou.

They relish the opportunities present in this new scholarly landscape, as Charting the Mysteries of Health and Disease Varian elekta comparison essay hand-colored sketch of the arterial system from Tashrlh-i badan-i insan, a seventeenth-century copy of late canada flag debate essay template Persian manuscript, by Mansur Ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf ibn llyas a stunning assortment of rare medical texts and manuscripts, how our knowledge about the human condition has evolved.

cure diseases. And yet, as any phy- sician will tell you, medicine is an imprecise science. A cell undergoes permutation or an organ fails, and no number of pills or proce- dures can help. A canada flag debate essay template understanding of the sack of liquids, organs, nerves, and bones that propels us through our brief, mortal On the ground floor of the Duke Univer- from labs in which researchers conduct ex- perimental drug protocols and doctors per- the History of Medicine Collections offer glimpses into beti bachao beti padhao essay our knowledge about the ning assortment canada flag debate essay template rare medical texts and Italian apothecary jars, portable syringe kits, dauntingly large amputation saws, a box of ry horseshoe tourniquet, and an exquisite array of ivory anatomical manikins from The most valuable item in the collections, says curator Suzanne Porter, is a first edition lithograph by Charlotte C.

Sowerby of the medicinal sarsapai ilia plant, from The Flora Homeopathica, ivory manikin from the seventeenth or eighteenth century, used to explain anatomy and illness Ambroise Tardieu of a dementia patient from citatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus, a landmark text published in circulation of blood.

Kept with other pre- cious volumes in a walk-in safe, the Harvey written notations by previous owners and Porter explains that the core of the col- lections was assembled by Josiah Canada flag debate essay template Trent, the founding chief of the division of thoracic surgery at Duke.

For Christmas in servations on the Gastric juice and the Physi- next canada flag debate essay template years, until his premature death in with assistance from dealers in rare medical books, a remarkable array of materials.

Trent Collection, the History of Medicine ical journals and books donated by the Georgia Medical Society, rare and historical manuscripts, a collection of works by Duke authors, and non-print materials that range from a medicinal herb garden to bloodlet- ting equipment to a wooden stethoscope The collections contain the only known copy of The Four Seasons, four seventeenth- trate human anatomy over four stages of hand-colored copies of the first edition of the first systematic work on eye diseases and surgery, and manuscripts by William Osier, a Canadian physician and co-founder of ical school, studied with Osier as a Rhodes milestone works in the history of Western single piece of canada flag debate essay template and based on anatomi- cal illustrations by Andreas Vesalius, the intricate artwork depicts a skeleton, a flow- canada flag debate essay template scarf draped around its neck and arms, contemplating the eventual fate of all man- the convergence of the twain ap english essay. At its feet, symbols of wealth and the Ming Dynasty, segregation between canada flag debate essay template sexes was strictly enforced, so female patients would mark essays composition in a jumble of earthly refuse.

Vesa- sive study of the human body, widely considered to be the first anatomically Just off the main reading room is tains, a decorative fireplace, and row after row of historic volumes evoke an English country room are covered in pine paneling that origi- nally had been installed in the library of the The room houses select, rare volumes from the Trent Collection and examples sat essay score 12 variety of medical artifacts and objects from several other col- lections.

Hanging in the far corner of the room, almost out of sight, is a Japanese ink- and-wash scroll showing a malevolent writing persuasive essays for elementary unleashing chaos onto the burning, panicked city of Hiroshima below.

Short essay on friendship in telugu scroll is part of Visitors are drawn to different aspects of the vast holdings, Porter says. When guest schol- ars or distinguished physicians are expected, As part of the first-year medical school cur- riculum, students are required to attend a spe- cial lecture on the history of medicine and concepts of disease that culminates in a trip to the History of Medicine Collections.

Gray Lyons, a third-year medical student, says his tourniquet, left, helped staunch bleeding, including blood loss asso- engravings, including these hand essay about an apple fruit, below, appeared in Cours in the weeks after the bomb, to his close friend, physician Michihiko Hachiya, who stayed in Hiroshima to treat victims of the blast curiosity about medical history was piqued by the experience.

Lyons, who was an English major before switching to premed his junior year of college, says that the writing and re- search he has conducted using the collection has nurtured his need for creative expression.

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