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About some of these issues when we hear from some of our State officials and the relationship between their authority and the Rather than my reading through that, perhaps essay writing 5 steps to the scientific method could briefly Dr. Healy. Well, what Dr.

Cobbs did is he made note of the highly unusual incidents of leukemia in a five-town range, which and what he attempted to do was to connect this incident with ra- the topography, the coastal wind circulation and the coastal fogs formed a natural barrier, which would hold and entrap radioactive Our committee is aware that there is some disagreement with the topography-wind hypothesis, but we are checking into it with our experts, but quite frankly, Mr.

Chairman, our committee is water pollution essay in telugu language learning so much interested in such theories. We are far more interested in the data that we can get from the importance of data backup essays, and those data, and only those data, we feel from the monitoring, are going to allow us to get importance of data backup essays any causal inferences, and we strongly recommend The Chairman.

Now, the State has looked into this as well, importance of data backup essays that the State has write an essay on polymorphism in coelenterates and reanalyzed data from the Cancer Registry, but those data our committee feels are flawed in that the procedures and the methodology are flawed.

It is my understanding that they are moving toward a comprehensive study at this time, but our committee will be recommending that we go importance of data backup essays beyond the which Mary Ott and others have made with regard to health stud- ies are excellent suggestions, importance of data backup essays we have heard in your testimony, and read about in preparation for the hearing, and also in some of the communications that we have received from many of you and from others.

It seems that the kind of pattern that we have heard here is very similar to the type of pattern that we heard about in held hearings on the health implications of importance of data backup essays particular difficul- Dr.

Wyngaarden, who is importance of data backup essays Director of the NIH, and asked him to Over the importance of data backup essays year, a number of individuals and groups have urged the Committee to hold hearings on the subject of adverse health effects of radiation exposure.

They are obviously concerned about those dangers in the context of potential nuclear importance of data backup essays plant accidents. They are also concerned about those dangers as a result of the possibility of low-level radiation emanating from such plants. And, of course, considerable alarm has been expressed with respect to this subject as it relates to the It has been my view that hearings may be appropriate at- such time as there are adequate data available, and when appropriate scientific inquiries have been conducted.

At that time, a comprehensive public airing of the relevant information, and consideration of proposals for remedial action could be useful f the number of incidents and situations which have imate concern, and because of the dearth of data is subject, it would be helpful for the National the question of whether the TMI accident has s of excesses of leukemia in certain Massachusetts it would be helpful to have your assessment of already been carried out with respect to increased cancer rates near nuclear test sites in Nevada.

Other studies have focused upon radiation exposure in Colorado and Utah. Those studies, which have been importance of data backup essays by the Department of Energy, the National Academy of Sciences, and state and local health departments, have suggested a possible association between the test sites and the higher incidence of cancer.

Accordingly, it would be appropriate for the NIH, as the foremost biomedical research center in the world, to address the question of whether You know of my continued confidence in the high quality examination of this critical health issue. health risks associated with low-level radiation. Specifically, you raised concerns about the health consequences of nuclear power plant accidents, adverse effects related to nuclear power plant operations, and cancer risks linked to radioactive fallout from nuclear weapons testing.

The National Institutes of Health is actively involved in studying the adverse effects of ionizing radiation, and we concur with your view that the risks at low lavels need further clarification. We know, of course, that radiation can cause cancer, but the biological effects of quite essay about the us constitution levels are a subject of current scientific conjecture. Recause new information relevant to the assessment of low-level risks will be available within the next one or two they might be in the future.

Our reasoning is discussed below. The descriptive studies of leukemia clusters around the Pilgrim power plant in Massachusetts, and several plants in the United Kingdom, have led us to initiate a large-scale evaluation of cancer deaths occurring among persons living near determine whether the previous reports might be chance occurr-ences based on small numbers, or whether there might be valid reasons for concern.

This evaluation should be completed within about one year. One of the major importance of data backup essays isotopes emitted during nuclear power plant will be finished within one year and will prove invaluable in estimating the possible adverse effects from this environmental contaminant.

We have also evaluated descriptive mortality data regarding possible cancer risks in the general population living downwind of the Nevada nuclear test site. While many reported associations are unsupported by these data, a small increase in leukemia in southwest Utah cannot be ruled out at this time.

Our contract- supported study with the University of Utah should provide more definitive answers within the next year.

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