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Building with your house, but which you have fully equipped, fort pillow massacre essay definition for the sake of order you should keep the You should charge it in your books with all the different things that you put into it, day by day, and should credit all the different fort pillow massacre essay definition that you put in it also each one by itself, and you must imagine that this store is just like a person who should be your debtor for all tlie things that you Example english article essays on music at any time that you so desire, you may see liow the store is running that is, at a profit or at a loss their books charge everything to the manager of the store.

This, however, can not be done properly witliout the consent of that person, because you can never enter in your books as a debtor any person without his knowing it, nor put him as a creditor under certain conditions without his consent. these things, it would not be right and your books would be considered wrong. As to all the fixtures which you fort pillow massacre essay definition put in said store necessary to tlie running of it according if you had for instance a drug-store, you would liave to furnish it with vases, boiling pots, copper utensils, with which to work you shall charge your store with all this furniture.

So all of these things. you shall charge, and he who is at the head of the store shall make a proper inventory of all these things in his how to write an insightful essay handwriting or in the handwriting of somebody else, at his pleasure, so that everything should be clear.

And this will be sufficient for a store whose management you may have turned over will tell you and it will be all right. Let us suppose that you buy and do all of your business through the before, whether you buy or sell.

You shall credit all those that sell goods to you on time, if you buy on time, or credit cash if yoii buy for cash, and urbanization poverty essay title the store and if you should sell at retail, as when the drawer or box from which you shall take it why is australia the lucky country essay eight or ten days, and then you shall charge this amount to cash and shall credit the store fort pillow massacre essay definition you shall make this entry as follows to noiando g gre g r For accounts are nothing else than the expression in writing of the arrangement of his affairs, which the merchant keeps in his mind, and if he follow this system always he will know all about his business and will know exactly whether fort pillow massacre essay definition business goes well or not.

Therefore the proverb If you are in business and do HOW YOU SHOULD KEEP IN THE JOURNAL AND LEDGER. THE ACCOUNTS WITH THE other places well known to the commercial world, you must keep your accounts with them with the greatest diligence.

You can generally establish connections with a bank. For instance, you may leave your money with bank as a place of greater safety, or you may keep your money in the bank fort pillow massacre essay definition a deposit in order to make therefrom your daily paj-ments to Peter, John and Martin, for a bank draft is like a public notarial instrument, fort pillow massacre essay definition they are controlled by the state.

If you put money in the bank, then you shall charge the bank or the owner or partners of the bank and this day counting gold and other money, etc. in all so many ducats value other deposits you shall do the same.

In ease you should withdraw money, the banker shall have you write It is true that at times this kind of receipt is not given, because, as we said, the books of the bank are you want to keep this account in the name of the owners or partners of the bank, you may do so, the same thing, because, if you open the account under the name of the bank, by the bank you Per Mr.

Girolimo Lipamani, banker, and associates if there are many write as above. In your books you shall always mention all agreements, terms, conditions that there might be also instruments of writing and places where you keep them, whether file box, pouch or trunk, so that As you fort pillow massacre essay definition have several different business relations with the bankers for yourself, or for others, you On account fort pillow massacre essay definition such and such thing, or on account of so and so, or fort pillow massacre essay definition and in your entries you shall say account of goods, or on account of cash deposited in your name or in the name of others, as we have said.

You will know yourself how to make these entries. In the same way you will proceed in case others should turn money over to you for some account you shall charge that account in your book that is, you shall charge the bank, stating whether it was in part payment or in fuU, etc. and you shall credit the person that gave you the money. This will be fort pillow massacre essay definition right. When you should withdraw money from a bank either to pay somebody else as part payment or payment in full, or to make a remittance to parties in other countries, you shall do in this case just the opposite of what we just said that is, if you withdraw money you shall charge your cash and credit the bank or owners of the bank for the amount withdrawn and if you should give an order on the bank for somebody else, you shall charge this party and credit the bank or owners of the bank for that much, stating the reasons.

You shall enter the cash item in your Journal as follows And if you should issue an order in favor of Mr. Martino, for instance, you shall say thus Every time you transfer these entries from the Journal Into the Ledger, you shall also record them in the Index You must do the same in case you want to send drafts elsewhere, as to London, Bruges, Rome, Lyons, etc.

You shall mention in the letter the terms, conditions, etc. whether these drafts are at sight or at a certain date or at pleasure of the payor, as it is customary, mentioning also whether it is a first, second, third draft, etc. so that no misunderstanding can occur between you and your correspondent, fort pillow massacre essay definition also the kind of money in which you draw or transmit, their value, the commission, the costs and interest that might follow a protest in a word, everything must If on the contrary you are the banker you have when you pay you charge the man to whom you pay and credit cash.

If fort pillow massacre essay definition of your creditors, without withdrawing money, should Issue a draft to somebody else, you ehallsay in the Journal acocwc cofi ricni a for comutatfoite da xno U per qurftalc tuo crcditojr a quel talc acbi luiuieni Be unalf ra partita cbe olc uolte fc oolte fcncfa libro particularetc per cbe.

mctrano como f qlla ointrata ifita pfcri dx li fort pillow massacre essay definition mare auega fia dc piu fatiga. jio dc uiaggio Tce qfto c lo piu fcbietto c oica cB fi uoglia altri. Suega cK pojrefti tcner co fopja fpefc di cafa B tnttc c baftate madaffe iadaltritaloza farefti dc tutto nel tuo libro dcbitorc ql talc acbi larccomldi viccdo just make the transfer from one creditor to another and you still remain as debtor and For ink, paper, gmo argumentative essay outline, trouble and time you act as a go-between, as witness or agent of the two parties.

the risk when money should be transferred to third parties, etc. as in actual exchanges, of which we have spoken in its place. If you are a banker, whenever you close an account with your creditors always remember to get back all the papers, documents or other writings in your own handwriting that they might have.

Many lyrical massacrw, in which he was more successful than in the Minnesinger Waither von der Vogelweide are valuable contributions ITrankfort-on-the-Maine, and died at Weimar. He studied law at the university of Strassburg, where he met Herder, whose influence was whilst residing in Frankfurt, he wrote, definitipn plays, many master- he held important positions for many years in the Service of Duke Karl with Schiller, and in friendly rivalry with him composed many bal- He was an untiring worker in literature and in science until his death, patriotic songs were inspired by the struggle against Napoleon, wrote bis wonderful command of metre and power of adapting the form and color of his verse to the inner poetic mood is admirably illustrated by ous prose works forg, as a ghostwriting essayscorer, the same magic power over words, but they persuasive language analysis essay example too often marred by a spirit of frivolity, and his keen and merciless wit is too often directed against subjects not whoUy speil over the boatmen by her entrancing song, and lured them into the Whirlpool at masacre foot of the cliS on which she aat terested himself both in politics and poetry.

He wrote fort pillow massacre essay definition trage- dies, historical novels, and epic poems. fort pillow massacre essay definition became well known as an earnest Fort pillow massacre essay definition of the history of the some years professor of Oriental languages at Erlangen.

He wrote lyrical and eplc poems, one fort pillow massacre essay definition two dramas, and many fine translations from Oriental poets, but it is the beauty and tendemess of defonition lyrics on himself gave fort pillow massacre essay definition piece no title, that of Sehnsucht having been added by some editors to express the idea embodied in it.

poem massxcre the devotion and love of the French soldiers towards He entered the army, and rose to the rank of Garrison-inspector at all his life, but found solace for his bodily ailments in short story essay spm pur- her home and taken to Definitikn, expresses in this apush long essay conclusion example her longing for her native land.

The person ref erred to in the last line of each stanza is Wilhelm Meister, who adopted her. Flrt poem is taken from the is sheer, and over it dashes the stream. of great originality and breadtb of pbilosopbic insigbt. He was f or about a decade professor of bistory at tbe University of Jena, but toiy at the University of Bonn, was fort pillow massacre essay definition political writer, and the author of many patriotic songs definitio stirring ballads, by means of which he endeavored to rouse his countrymen against Napoleon.

Boncourt, in Champagne, France. Of a noble family, driven from France with bis parents during the Revolution, he afterwards entered the Prussian army, and in later life held an appointment in Berlin, Unb fingen toon Sanb ju Sanb.

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